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School’s in Session: Our Best Teacher Outfit Ideas

Teacher Dresses

If you’re a dresses kinda gal you will want to look for pieces that hit at or below the knee and have a sleeve, unless you’re planning on wearing a longline cardigan or layering with a bamboo basic. Dresses for school teachers come in various styles and shapes - the key to building a teacher wardrobe is to select versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways!

We love adding a belt, a patterned tight or statement shoes or to go for ones that are interesting enough to allow you to just throw on and go on those busy mornings where you desperately need that second cup of coffee!

Whether your school has a formal teacher dress code to abide by or whether you get to decide what constitutes school-appropriate outfits, dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring or expensive!

We have spoken to teachers Australia-wide to get some of their best tips for dressing for school! The best advice we have been given is if you can see through it, up it, or down it, the outfit is best to be saved for when school is not in session. Read along for more tips on how to score an A+ in school fashion!

Look no further than BB for your teacher fashion fix!

Dress to Show Your Personality

Gone are the days where your professional wardrobe was limited to black and greys - there’s nothing like a fun print or bright colour to make sure your students are awake! Wear something that showcases your personality this will act as a reminder to your students that you have a life outside of school, just like them!

Casual Teaching Outfits

Lucky enough to work at an institution that allows you to dress on the casual side? Why not take full advantage of it by choosing soft, stretchy fabrics like bamboo or micro modal that allow for freedom of movement and pair them with a soft knit for ultimate comfort!

Stylish Teacher Outfits

Why not look at your classroom as your own personal runway and incorporate the latest trends into your outfits? It’s all about voluminous yet structured outfits this season and what we like to consider new neutrals aka animal prints. Fashionable teacher outfits? Yes, please!

Cool Teacher Outfits

Staying cool, calm, and collected as a teacher becomes much easier when you radiate coolness from the outside. Look no further for trendy and fashionable teacher outfits than Blue Bungalow!

Dress for the Job

From running the classroom to running around the playground, you probably feel as if the day is non-stop. Don’t let the constant go-go-go stop you from dressing like the best version of yourself. We think you deserve a new outfit for every role you play in the student’s life!

PE Teacher Outfits

Who said sporty can’t be fashionable? Look for elevated basics in comfortable materials to build the perfect gym teacher outfits - if you’re a physical education teacher you will no doubt be spending a lot of time outside, so make sure you don’t forget a cap or wide brim hat to protect your face from the sun.

Art Teacher Dresses & Tops

If you’re the artsy, creative type, why not express yourself through your fashion? The ultimate art teacher outfit can be achieved by mixing interesting prints and bright colours and accessorizing with delicate earrings and a nifty scarf. Let your personality shine to get your students’ creative juices flowing!

Primary School Teacher Outfits

Comfort and functionality are key when teaching primary school. From story time on the floor, to arts and craft, and games of dodgeball you need to be ready for every outcome! Our top tip for primary school teachers is to choose something that is flexible and has pockets!

High School Teacher Outfits

If you have been brave enough to take a trip back to high school then you will know here’s nothing like high school students to remind you that you’re not 16 anymore! But fret not, with these trendy teacher outfits, you’re sure to be known as the hip professor.

Dress for the Occasion

There are many important days in your career as a teacher, as well as your students life! Make sure you dress for the occasion whether it is a glamourous dress for graduation, a professional outfit for a teaching interview, or a fun dress-up day like book week. Having the perfect outfit can make the day special for you and your students!

How to dress for a teaching interview?

First - let’s talk about teacher interview outfits. Ever heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Well, this is a perfect example. Now is not the time to pull out your favourite pair of distressed jeans and a basic cotton t-shirt! No need to go out and buy a suit but you can’t go wrong with a classic blazer, a sleek pair of pants and understated but chic jewellery.

The best part? You’ll easily be able to dress these jackets down with a pair of jeans on the weekend. As for the Reed pants? They're pretty much go with everything!

How to dress for teaching graduation?

Graduation will no doubt be one of, if not the, most important milestone in your students’ lives so why not dress for the occasion! Go for a classic yet elegant dress in a soft colour so as not to overshadow your students in the grad photos. And if you feel more like yourself when you're wearing pants, opt for an elegant flowy fabric like silk - paired with a heel they look just as sophisticated as a dress.

From Head to Toe

So, what are the best shoes for teachers? The ones in which you feel comfortable and allow you to hold your own in the classroom - keeping in mind, of course, that most schools require closed-toe shoes.

What are the most comfortable shoes for teachers?

Standing is part of the job so you should be looking for shoes that offer some support and that have a good sole. You can opt for a nice pair of flats or a small heel in summer and keep it cozy in winter with ankle boots or dressier sneakers.

Whether you're looking for professional teacher clothes or just school run outfits, we hope that this gave you some new styling ideas! You can shop our teacher outfit collection here.

Fashion class dismissed! Let us know in the comments how we did as fashion teachers! We would love you hear some of your tips on what to wear as a teacher.

BB xx



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