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All About Crinkle Cotton Clothing

If you love natural fabrics and an effortless look, you’ll no doubt be a fan of crinkle cotton.

Pair a flowy crinkle cotton frock with white sneakers and a long necklace for a stylishly understated outfit.

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What is crinkle cotton?

Crinkle cotton is a soft and stretchy fabric that has been treated to have a lasting textured, wrinkly look.

Just like your favourite cotton basics but with a crinkle effect - that’s right, no need to iron your clothes, the crinkles are there to stay. No fuss, all fun! Perfect to throw in your suitcase or wear on the plane on your next trip (or you know, to go grab a latte at your local coffee shop).

How to care for crinkle fabric?

Don’t fret, if you notice that your garment has fewer crinkles than you’d like after wearing it, simply wash it and the garment should bounce back to its original look.

Like you would any cotton clothing, machine wash in cold water and line dry in the shade to avoid any shrinkage.

Hot tip: twist the fabric in a rope once it’s almost dry to emphasize the crinkle effect.

As for storage, store it twisted up to keep the beautiful crinkles.

The Blue Bungalow Crinkle Cotton
Hall of Fame

Crinkle cotton has become quite the staple in many BB ladies’ wardrobes. And once you try it, you don’t go back!

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