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The Hat Clip: The Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you’re an occasional hat wearer (and you should absolutely be - that and SPF are essential to protect your skin from the sun) or a hat collector, we bet you’ll love the new fashionable yet practical accessory that we’ve just started stocking: the Klipsta Hat Clip!

But what is a hat clip?

A hat clip is for all those times you’ve arrived at your destination with a crushed hat or worse, had to carry it around for hours while you walked around town.

It’s also for those of you that thought you’d feel comfortable rocking a fedora but chickened out and would otherwise be stuck holding the culprit.

If you’ve ever wondered how to prevent your kids from losing their school hats… well, at the risk of repeating ourselves, a hat clip for their school bag is the solution.

And how do you carry a hat while travelling or pack a hat without crushing it? It’s the ultimate dilemma for any traveller headed to a sunny destination.

We've all been that awkward person wearing an oversized floppy sun hat on the plane, the only thing missing being a piña colada in our hands... not as embarrassing as clapping when the plane lands but close. Actually, scratch that - after the year we’ve had we're definitely clapping and cheering on our next flight!

And haven’t we all, at some point, fallen into the trap of wanting to look like a cool and put-together traveller, packing our hat in our suitcase just to get to destination and realize that our hat is now unwearable - not so cool now, are we?

This is where the hat carrying clip comes in! A hat clip for travel is a must.

What are hat clips for?

To put it simply, they allow you to hang your hat on your bag handle, backpack strap, golf bag, belt loop or even in the car which, in turn, gets it to destination intact, minimizes the chances of you damaging or losing it and gives you both hands to text, scroll Instagram or have a snack. Think of it as the modern alternative to a hat box. GE-NIUS!

Whether you’re going away on holiday and need a way to carry your hat without crushing it or simply want to hang it up in your wardrobe between wears, the hat clip is a handy little accessory.

The best part? Klipsta's magnetic hat holders are designed and manufactured locally here in Australia.

Where do you put a hat clip? 

It couldn’t be easier - just attach the hat carry clip to your bag handle, tug on it to make sure that it’s secure (it will be thanks to the lock feature) and fasten your hat to the clip by inserting the brim between the two magnets. That’s it, you’re hands-free!


Warning - common side effect: once you have one you’ll likely want to purchase a dozen…

A hat holder in every colour to match your purse collection, one used as a pram clip to hold a muslin, a few on a hanger in your wardrobe to store your hats between wears, one clipped onto your gym bag to hang your cap and another one on your beach bag to hold a sun visor or two.


That carefree lady that travels with just a carry-on yet manages to always have the perfect outfit topped off with a hat? It could be you!

We bet you’ll give it a go and want to add one to every single one of your bags - its sleek, minimalistic design means that it wouldn’t look out of place on even the nicest designer handbag and it makes putting outfits together easier; no more having to commit to wearing your hat all day. This makes the Klipsta hat clip the ultimate accessory and the perfect gift for the one that has it all!

Hat clips are a bit like our Kendal Dress - chic and functional. And that’s something we can get behind.

Had you heard of magnetic hat clips before? If so, where have you taken your fashionable hat holder?

By Blue Bungalow 2 comment


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