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Not all hats are made to withstand the test of travel. There's nothing worse than unpacking your suitcase to find your favourite hat scrunched up and crushed. When you unfold it, it no longer holds it shape and has a massive, unsightly crease down the middle! But what's one to do when the standard issue travel hats remind you of primary school sports days?


Don't fret yet! At Blue Bungalow Australia, our range of stylish travel hats are designed with the modern travelling woman in mind. Think a lightweight, crushable fedora that you can easily fold into your carry-on without worrying whether it will ever pop back to its original form. Or a packable sun hat that you can easily stash away into your beach bag. Our foldable hats won't lose their form when packed and pop back into their original shape every time. No more leaving hats on the seat next to you on trains or planes. You can travel sun safe no matter if it's just a trip down to the beach, a tourist trip or overseas.