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The best ways to spend Summer days means something different for all of us. For some, it might mean leisurely weekends spent parked under an umbrella on the beach or a lazy Sunday morning sipping an iced latte while the kids entertain themselves under the sprinkler in the backyard. One thing we can all agree on, a flattering summer dress is a must. It's all about the air-flow and feeling a little more flirty by letting those limbs see some sunshine after a winter of being hidden away. A summer dress also makes perfect resort wear so you can sip a mojito on a tropical beach in style!

We've curated our favourite beach dresses, beach kaftans, resort wear, cotton summer dresses, linen and tropical summer dresses in statement colours and patterns like a cool ocean blue, bright red or floral print. There's something for every taste and colour preference to get you in the summer vibe. Whether you're looking for the free flowing boho clothing from brands like Label of Love and Jendi, or the more chic floral prints from Red Lotus. Pair with a gorgeous beach bag or comfortable flats and summer can't come around fast enough!

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