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Welcome to Blue Bungalow

The home of flattering fashion.

We want you to feel confident and proud. We want you to be comfortable and look good. We want you to be YOU.

Where we started

Blue Bungalow was founded in 2012 with the vision of bringing Queensland's vibrant beach lifestyle to the rest of Australia. A lot has changed since then – our product range has expanded beyond kaftans and beach towels and Blue Bungalow outfits can now be found on women all over the world!

At last count, we had over 3,000 styles to choose from and if you fall in love with something, you will have it – quickly. And we don’t mean by the end of the week quick, we mean today if you’re lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane. If you're in another major city in Australia or New Zealand you'll receive it tomorrow.

Our personalised service is what we are best known for and is the reason so many of our customers have been shopping with us since day one.

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you’re more confident.
When you’re more confident, you’re more you...

And when you’re YOU, you’re UNSTOPPABLE.

BB ladies wear it with confidence.

And it's that confidence that is at the core of what we do.

We want every woman who steps foot into our flagship Newstead store, visits us virtually online or is part of our social community to feel confident about themselves and the clothes they wear.

We want you to be part of a community that encourages honesty, positivity and empowerment. And we want you to feel like you can take on the world – one good outfit at a time!

Sometimes life is hard. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be. Nor should the experience of shopping online.

We make sizing decisions effortless, and take the uncertainty out of shopping online.

The BB Difference

The power of a good outfit shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Who doesn’t want to be the person stopped in the street to be asked where their outfit is from? Or be the person who has mastered styling principles from our resident stylists and knows how to make a $69.95 dress look like it’s from the High Street. Or who has snapped up one of our limited edition styles you won’t see everywhere.

That’s why we take the time to individually measure every single garment. That’s why we choose shapes and styles that work for every body type. That’s why we style outfits that we know will work for you, no matter what you’re doing, where you’re going or who you are – or maybe even who you want to be.

We want you to know that what arrives in the mail or goes home with you from our store is something that you’re going to feel a million bucks in, whether it’s a simple dress or a head-to-toe outfit.

We believe you should dress like it’s the best day of your life.
Because life’s too short to wear boring clothes.