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The BB Guide To Comfortable Shoes

Gone are the days when the shoes your feet loved the most made you cringe with disgust. Or your most-loved pair of slides left you with blisters after brunch with the girls. Let’s not even mention heels and their ongoing war against our ankles! Sometimes every step can make you swear you’ll never wear them again. 

But not to worry ladies, you can have the best of both worlds – a comfy AND stylish shoe. 

Welcome to the BB comfy shoe guide! Both you and your feet will thank us for it.  

Comfortable Sneakers

We love a comfortable sneaker here at BB HQ and we bet you do too. Most of our lace-up shoes are made from soft, supple leather, almost molding to your foot for the most perfect fit and making them bunion-friendly.  

Not to mention that they can last a lifetime if well-cared for – which is very manageable when using the right products.  

A padded collar will save your ankles from blisters and a cushioned insole adds a little more pep to your step. Some of our comfort sneakers are specifically designed to provide arch support and have removable insoles which can be swapped for your orthotics for personalised comfort (and style).  

Paired with laces, these sneakers can accommodate those with narrow to wide feet or high arches, while those featuring zips are easy to put on and take off.

Sneaker Top Picks

Mules, a sneaker-slide combo, are an excellent option for those with a sensitive heel. Need not worry about blisters, mules are ridiculously easy to slip on and off – and no need to bend over and break your back. Featuring padded insoles, a leather front, open heel and laces for adjustability, these shoes tick so many comfort requirements you basically can’t go wrong!

The Best Mules

Comfortable Flats

Looking for a super easy slip-on-and-go shoe? Perhaps you leave the house in a rush or don’t like the hassle of laces? Slip into some leather loafers with cushioned insoles and a flexible sole - the epitome of ease and comfort. Comfortable flats are perfect for all-day comfort in the workplace, running errands or whilst venturing around on holidays. And did we say *perfect teacher shoes* to go with your stylish teacher outfit!? 

Easy-To-Wear Flats

And believe it or not, sandals can be super comfortable and stylish at the same time. Look for those that have soft cushioned insoles paired with elastic or adjustable straps over the arch or ankle. Sandals or slides with a molded footbed provide added support to high arches. Slides are easy to slip on in a rush while sandals provide that extra reassurance that they won’t fall off! Enjoy summer knowing you can rely on a pair of comfortable sandals.

Top Picks For Sandals

Comfort Heels (did you ever think we’d see those two words together?!)

When looking for the perfect pair of comfortable heels to elevate your outfit or for a special occasion, look for cushioned inners and a soft leather upper (especially over the toes). Adjustability around the ankle is ideal; think belt straps, velcro or elastic. A slip-on shoe is great for those with sensitive heels which is primordial if you’re preparing to spend a while in them. Now you’re free to salsa dance all night long!  

Comfy & Flattering Heels

Comfort Shoes For Bunions

If you’re on the hunt for the best bunion-friendly comfort shoes, stick to styles that offer an adequate amount of support, are low-heeled and have wide footbeds. Soft leather shoes are a great choice for flexibility and comfort around the toe box! And make sure to avoid any fabric seams in this area. Leather sneakers, loafers and sandals with a roomy foot bed and minimal straps are ideal.  

Bunion-Friendly Picks

Comfort Shoes For Standing All Day

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, especially in the workplace! When searching for the best pair of shoes for all-day wear, look for a spacious footbed and a cushioned or contoured insole. A shoe that can be folded, bent or twisted is not the shoe for you! You’ll find the support you need from a structured lace-up with cushioning at the heel.

All-day Comfort Winners

The Best Shoes For Arch Support

Look for a contoured insole that has a slight rise at the arch, alongside an adjustable strap or laces over the bridge of the foot for those with higher arches. A great deal of lace up shoes have removable insoles that can be replaced with your own – you can truly personalize most pairs of enclosed shoes to suit your needs. 

The Best For Arch Support

HOT TIP: Take the guess work out of shoe shopping and receive personalised recommendations from our BB stylist quiz located at the top of our Comfort Shoe Collection page.

Still not sure what type of shoes you’re looking for or just want to keep your options open? Have a look at our carefully curated comfort shoe collection and start the second half of the year on the right foot, in total comfort! 

Are you on the hunt for a new pair of comfy kicks? Let us know in the comments if this post has helped you avoid the uncomfortable aching and rubbing that we often anticipate from new shoes.

BB xx

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