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A good white tee is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. It’s versatile, easy to accessorise and will never go out of style – but how do you know which style is right for you with so many available? We have put together this easy guide to help you pick a tee that will flatter your shape and keep you feeling fabulous all day long. No more guess work!


The White Cotton Fundamental Vee Tee ($49.95) is an amazing tee and the perfect shape for rounder figures.  The deep V neckline will help make a larger bust seem smaller and its shape naturally draws the eye towards the décolletage and shoulders. Its relaxed hemline allows room for the hips and tummy to make sure you can be confident and comfortable throughout the day. Pair with a jogger pant, lace-ups and clutch for a look that can take you from a morning coffee, to the school run and back home again for some relaxation.


The White Cotton Slouch Tee ($19.95) has the perfect shape for women with wider hips and a regular bust. The soft V neckline is high and will visually make smaller busts appear larger white the panel details draw the eye away from the hips. The tee’s relaxed swing hem drapes nicely over wider hips and is comfortable on a round tummy. Add a slouch pant and simple block jewellery for an everyday look that will make you feel amazing.

The White Cotton Shell Tee ($14.95) looks fantastic on women with larger busts and slim hips. The wide scoop neckline creates an illusion of space that helps make a larger bust appear modest. The straight hem is fitted and will look amazing on women with narrow hips and smaller tummies. Simply add a relaxed pant and eye-catching jewellery for an effortless look that will highlight your best features.

The White Bamboo Pia Boatneck Tee ($59.95) is a super soft tee that will create shape and flatter women with column figures. The wider boat neckline gives an illusion of balance between the hips and shoulders. The body of the tee tightens below the bust before flaring out to a subtle swing hemline, giving definition to your waist. Just add a relaxed 3/4 pant and trendy lace-ups to complete the look and take on the day with confidence!

The White Linen Tee ($79.95) is breathable, soft and perfect for petite figures. The higher neckline will emphasise your bust and ensure your figure stays balanced. The curved hemline can be left loose or worn in a soft tuck, and the slight A line shape works well on smaller hips. The tee’s capped sleeves will show off a little skin and you can use a cami for an opaque look or leave it sheer if you don’t mind showing a little more. Pair with a long necklace to further add shape to the bust and a vibrant pant to create a fun colour contrast. If you've never worn linen clothing before, then you're in for a real treat with this top!

The White Bamboo Eadie Top ($59.95) is soft, stretchy and perfect for effortless everyday wear. The round neckline is low enough for a larger bust and its round shape works well on a smaller chest. The relaxed hem has enough room for hips and a tummy, but the bamboo clothing fabric also drapes beautifully on slimmer figures. Simply add a slim pant and a bold scarf to create a classic and trendy white tee look.

We’d love to see how you like to style your favourite white tee!


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