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No Hat, No Play - These Stylish & Packable Sun Hats Are Here To Stay

With thousands of options on the market, knowing how to buy a sun hat can be tricky. But one thing to keep in mind is that not all hats are created equal!

Some sun hats arrive at destination crushed and their sole purpose becomes to protect you from the sun - goodbye dreams of becoming a summer style icon, hello unflattering holiday selfies. Others, such as packable Panama hats, retain their shape and not only do they shield you from harmful rays, they make you look like a Hollywood starlet trying to hide from the paparazzi - just add dark sunglasses and none will be the wiser! Audrey Hepburn, is that you?

Packable Sun Hats

Most hats lose their shape if stuffed in a suitcase but not all - no, no. Some foldable straw hats were designed specifically for that purpose - the material used is flexible and allows them to bounce back to their original shape without any of the usual fussing, twisting and turning. Typically, these can be flattened, rolled or folded up to fit in the smallest of bags.

Mention the words “traveler hat” and an image of a beige safari hat complete with a chin strap usually comes to mind. But, thankfully, things have changed and fashion has evolved. Hats for travel are now as aesthetically pleasing as ever, travel hat box optional.

Long gone are the days when travel hats made you look like you were heading out into the jungle or simply meant borrowing your husband’s baseball cap - our range of stylish straw fedoras and sun visors are evidence of that. And most of the hats we stock are unisex so no need for your husband to be jealous, he can own one too. They even have an adjustable internal elastic to fit different head shapes and sizes perfectly (the larger the brain, the bigger the head - that’s what we like to tell ourselves anyway). And no, we promise they don’t look like safari hats! Just have a look for yourself:  

Collapsible Hats Galore

Fashionable, crushable hats? Yes, please. More importantly, most of the hats in this collection are UPF 50+ thanks to the way the fabric is woven, which is pretty much essential in our climate.

Have you checked out the Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton range yet? All hats are made right here in Australia in collaboration with manufacturer Rigon Headwear.

What are the best hats for sun protection?

If you’re shopping for beach hats, you will want to make sure that the one you pick offers adequate protection from the sun’s lovely but harmful rays. Look for broad-brimmed hats to shade your face, forehead, neck and ears and go for ones that are tightly woven and that won’t let UV radiation through (is there anything more painful than a scalp sunburn!?).

Here's why you should go for a UPF 50+ hat.

But most importantly, keep in mind that no hat will fully shield you from the sun: you need to wear sunscreen every single day to keep sun damage at bay! Bonus points if you also add a pair of sunglasses, a long sleeve shirt and linen pants - all summer wardrobe-essentials.  

And if you’re headed off on an outdoor adventure and plan on wearing your hat in a ponytail, opt for a visor or a cap - it might not protect your ears or your neck but it’s definitely more practical and better than nothing.  

How do you carry a hat when travelling?

That’s the million dollar question isn’t it.

Knowing how to travel with a beach hat is a puzzle even for the most experienced of travellers - we don’t know about you but just thinking about trying to fit a large round object in a square, rigid suitcase full of clothes used to give us an instant headache... But that’s before we got our hands on a Klipsta hat clip.

Already own the perfect summer hat but it unfortunately isn’t packable? Don’t fret, we have just the solution! Try a Klipsta travel hat holder to snap your hat to the outside of your favourite suitcase or beach bag - it will remain intact and you will have both hands free to carry all your other essentials. Who needs a travel hat box when you have a Klipsta? That is the question, Hamlet.

For more about this handy little gadget, read the blog.

Can you wear a hat on a plane?

We don’t think there are any rules against it but your seat neighbour may think otherwise! There’s no denying that flying is not as glamorous or comfortable as it used to be but we don’t think anyone has willingly signed up for a 14-hour journey knowing that they would be cramped in a tiny seat with a hat brim in their face! Like many things in life, it’s not because you’re allowed to do so that you should…

Not to mention that you’ll have to take your hat off to go through airport security, might risk losing it at one of the food outlets before you get on the plane and - the worst part - announce loud and clear to everyone that you’re a tourist once you get to your destination.

How to wear a beach hat?

Hmmm just pop it on your head? Kidding - we know what you mean. Fedora hats can be intimidating if you’ve never worn them before. But don’t overthink it. Go for one in a natural shade so that you can easily pair it back with any outfit - a wide brim fedora hat is the perfect complement to your favourite summer dress.

A classic straw hat with black ribbon looks amazing with black linen pants and a white linen shirt - effortlessly sophisticated. When it comes to straw hat visors, these are best worn with your hair tucked behind your ears or up in a ponytail.

And if straw hats are not for you, just grab a foldable bucket hat! It’s the perfect accessory to complete a casual or sporty look yet its linen material elevates it from your typical kids’ roll up bucket hat. Are bucket hats good for sun protection? They may not offer as much coverage as a large straw hat but it will at least cover your face and your scalp, which is definitely better than wearing no hat at all!

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