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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding as a Guest

As the winter wedding season approaches, figuring out what to wear as a guest can feel like solving a fashion puzzle. From decoding the dress code to outsmarting unpredictable weather conditions, getting the right balance of comfort and style can be tricky. This is why we have created the ultimate guide for what to wear to a winter wedding in Australia so that your outfit can be as picture-perfect as the newlyweds!

What should I wear to a winter wedding as a guest?

It all starts by paying close attention to the dress code indicated on the wedding invite. Whether it’s black tie, cocktail or something in between, there’s nothing worse than standing out for the wrong reason!

When the mercury drops, there are certain things we will always look for in a wedding guest outfit. Higher necklines, a sleeved design and a longer length will all help to keep you warm.  

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What do you wear to an Australian winter wedding? 

When dressing for a winter wedding in Australia it’s really important to consider your fabric choice! Look for fabrics with warmer properties like silk or cotton fleece. Even better, these fabrics are also natural fibres so they will be breathable once you warm up inside the venue. Nothing worse than a hot flush at an event!

Sleeves are another important consideration for your winter wedding guest outfit because you have to co-ordinate them with your outerwear. Batwing and statement puff sleeves are a fabulous look but can be difficult to stuff into straight jacket sleeves. Long, inset sleeves are perfect for layering with any outerwear and won't bunch up. But if you can’t find a winter wedding dress like this, you can also consider a sleeveless outerwear option like a poncho or a wrap. When we’re set on a dress, we’ll do anything to make it work!

Should you wear tights to a winter wedding?

Tights can be a great way to keep warm if your wedding guest dress is a more lightweight fabric – just stay clear of fishnets. We’d recommend classic black or nude to add a touch of elegance to your winter wedding look. Speaking of base layers, slip dresses are perfect when you’re wanting an invisible extra layer that won’t affect the look!

Can I wear a jumper to a wedding?

While we don’t recommend chunky knits or jumpers for formal occasions, the best winter wedding guest outfits will absolutely incorporate some chic event outerwear. Think tailored blazers, wool coats or, for a warmer climate, a wrap or poncho over the shoulders might be just enough. Pick something that complements the style of your whole outfit for a seamlessly elegant look.

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Is a dress the best choice for a winter wedding guest outfit?  

While the classic choice remains a dress for a winter wedding, here at BB we’re big proponents of being true to yourself and adapting fashion to your personality, rather than the other way around.

Don’t love dresses? Or hate feeling restricted by tights? Don’t fret, there are endless options out there that are just as chic.

When the weather is cool or windy, not only are pants a stunning, modern option, but they will also help keep your legs nice and warm. Pair with a silk drape top and a faux fur coat and you’ll be sure to get compliments all night long.

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If pants aren’t for you, a maxi skirt paired with a matching top is another option for an elegant winter wedding guest outfit. This creates a flattering dress-like silhouette while giving you even more freedom of movement – truly a win-win situation.

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The beauty of opting for separates instead of a dress is that the styling possibilities are truly endless so you can wear these pieces again and again – hello, capsule wardrobe!

What colour is best for a winter wedding as a guest?  

Choosing what to wear to a winter wedding can be a great opportunity to experiment with moody colours that we might overlook in the summer.

Rich, deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple add a luxurious touch to your outfit. And speaking of jewels, why not use your accessories to incorporate some winter tones into your outfit?

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Dark shades like burgundy, plum or navy can also make great dresses for a winter wedding. If you're a fan of prints, floral patterns with a dark base perfectly capture the essence of the season.

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Of course, if a colour works for you, it will look great any time of the year so don’t fret too much about seasonality. Just make sure to steer clear of white, leave that for the bride!

Can you wear open-toed shoes in winter to a wedding?

Shoes for a winter wedding are really the ‘make or break’ of the whole outfit. Choose wrong and you could be left shivering all night long! If you’re wearing tights with your outfit, you’ll want to go for a closed-toe pair of shoes, be it heels or smart flats. Also, if it’s predicted snow or rain, you might consider some chic, heeled boots. But, if the event is inside or in a warmer climate, an open-toed style is perfectly acceptable for your winter wedding guest outfit.

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With these tips and a bit of fashion ingenuity, you’ll be guaranteed to arrive in the perfect outfit that will keep you warm while showcasing your own unique style. We hope you’re feeling ready to dance the night away and celebrate in your wonderful winter wedding guest dresses!

BB xx

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