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It's safe to say, leggings are probably the most universal piece of clothing in every woman's wardrobe. They are so easy to match, they ooze comfort and are great transition pieces that can be worn all year round. Where the challenge lies is finding the right kind of fabric that won't reveal your assets to the world, the perfect length (not too short but not too long) and with just the perfect amount of snugness! At Blue Bungalow we value quality, and our range of women's leggings will have you covered from waist to ankle. Black bamboo leggings are a popular choice thanks to their antibacterial and sweat-wicking nature. Our black leggings also come in modal stretch fabric for everyday comfort and the more stylish black leather leggings for evening wear. The popular 7/8 leggings look great paired with a pair of comfy sneakers or comfy slides.