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The Blue Bungalow Guide to Dressing with Confidence for Funerals

It can be quite overwhelming when faced with the outfit dilemma of what to wear to the funeral of someone you care deeply about. If you are currently in that position, we offer you our deepest condolences

Understanding What to Wear to a Funeral in Australia

A general rule of thumb, when in doubt, is to wear black or dark tones in simple, yet elevated silhouettes. It is important that you feel comfortable while dressing respectfully for the occasion.

Funeral attire is generally conservative and respectful, which usually involves wearing muted tones and avoiding overly flashy or revealing attire. For ladies, we suggest keeping the hemline of your dresses or skirts below the knee and steering clear of low-cut necklines or large cutouts. Women can also absolutely wear pants to a funeral; however, we recommend saving your favourite pair of jeans for a more casual occasion and opting for a tailored style instead.

What is the Proper Attire for a Woman to Wear to a Funeral?

We understand the desire to look your best and feel confident while celebrating the life of a loved one. We have put together our top recommendations for appropriate funeral attire.

 Classic Black Ensemble

A traditional black outfit is always a safe choice for a funeral outfit. It is often the colour associated with funerals as the sombre shade symbolises mourning and respect.

Dark Neutral Tones

It is important to feel like yourself and are comfortable with your outfit choice. If all black is not for you, dark neutral tones such as navy, charcoal, or dark khaki are also safe options.

Simple and Classy Silhouettes

As a funeral guest, we recommend keeping your outfit refined and tasteful. Select a timeless midi dress or black skirt and shirt combo for a simple, yet elegant outfit. If you are more inclined to wearing pants, a pair of tailored pants with a matching blouse can convey a sense of respect.

Comfortable Shoes 

The day of a funeral or memorial service can often be long; if you are wondering what shoes to wear to a funeral, our top tip is that comfort is key. We recommend wearing a classic loafer, mule, or comfortable block heel, once again in a muted tone.

Simple and Understated Accessories

Keep accessories minimal and focused on completing your look rather than drawing attention. Classic and timeless gold and silver accessories are appropriate, as well as a small handbag or clutch. Differing from other conservative occasions, it is appropriate to bring sunglasses to a funeral if you are concerned about red or puffy eyes. A hat or umbrella could also help to keep you comfortable and out of the sun if you will be outside.

What Should I Avoid Wearing to a Funeral?

To ensure you are not disrespectful to your late loved one and their family there are a few things that we would recommend avoiding in your funeral outfits.

Bright Colours

Unless specifically asked by the family, it is best to avoid wearing bright or eye-catching colours to a funeral. Sometimes you will be asked to wear colourful outfits and celebrate your loved one’s life however, unless specified it is safer to stick to neutral shades.

Loud Prints

Similar to bright colours, a funeral is not necessarily where you would like to draw attention to yourself, so loud prints are generally not the best choice. If you would like to wear a print, classic patterns like dainty florals, spots and stripes are usually more timeless and appropriate choices.

Revealing Silhouettes

Avoid low necklines, cutouts, or short hemlines when planning your funeral outfit. While these styles may be suitable for other occasions, we recommend dressing more conservatively for a funeral, especially if it takes place at a church or religious establishment.

What do You Wear to a Funeral as a Guest?

If you are unable to find something in your wardrobe to wear to a funeral or just want to wear something new, we have compiled a shortlist of outfit options that are appropriate for funeral guests. Click here to see the full selection of funeral-appropriate outfits.

Answering your Frequently Asked Questions  

What do you Wear to a Funeral in 2023?

While funerals are becoming less formal in the modern era, it is still important to dress respectfully. Our general suggestions are to wear hemlines that fall to or past the knee, deep colours, and refined fabrics.  

Do I Have to Wear All Black to a Funeral?

No, gone are the days of having to wear all black to a funeral. Unless specifically told to wear all black it is appropriate to wear other dark neutral tones you have in your wardrobe.

Can a Woman Wear Pants to a Funeral?

Yes, it is appropriate to wear pants to a funeral. We suggest wearing a tailored pair of pants made from a polished and refined material. It is best to save your linen pants and jeans for more casual occasions.

Is It Acceptable to Wear Jeans to a Funeral?

We do not recommend wearing jeans or other types of denim to a funeral. While comfortable, denim is not appropriate for funerals.

Can I Wear Casual Clothing to a Memorial Service?

Memorial services are less formal than a funeral, however, it is still important to dress respectfully and more conservatively compared to everyday clothing. We recommend wearing a polished outfit in dark tones.

Is There a Recommended Length for Skirts or Dresses at a Funeral?

We recommend wearing skirts and dresses that are of a below-knee length, a midi or maxi length is an appropriate choice.

We hope this guide was helpful and offered valuable advice on appropriate attire for a funeral. We will leave you with our number one tip, which is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and connected with your loved one.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team if you would like some more guidance on what to wear, we are available by email at, phone at 1300 880 635, or via the brown live chat icon.

Our thoughts are with you during this tough time.

BB xx

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