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Whether you have a trip booked mid year to soak up the European summer or are making the trip while the weather is still cool, we have some tips for you on what to wear while traveling and when you arrive. Traveling light is essential so you can carry less and buy more during the trip! Finding outfits that will serve you well on the long haul flight as well as while you are holidaying is this first thing you should be considering. 

This guide will give you 7 essential tips to pack LIGHT for the journey itself, and your time abroad.

TIP #1:

Perfect Travelling Fabric: Bamboo

  • The bamboo fibre has a variety of amazing qualities. It is highly absorbent, which means it will absorb any moisture or sweat from your body and keep your skin dry and fresh. This is perfect for the humidity in between seasons!
  • Bamboo is also extremely soft to touch and so gentle on skin. 

Pictured: Our Bamboo Charcoal Kira Half Sleeve Tee, the White Bamboo Relax Boatneck Top and the Black Bamboo Soft Slouch Pants.

TIP #2:

Low Maintenance Styles: Crinkle Cotton

  • The last thing we want to do while roaming abroad is to be looking for an iron or sending off clothes to be professionally steamed. With no time to waste during your precious travels, the sneakiest solution is to pack something that is intentionally crinkled.
  • Another benefit is you can roll, twist, fold the items however you like to save more space in your luggage.
  • Cotton is also a naturally lightweight fibre! 

Pictured: Our Khaki Crinkle Cotton Drape Cardigan, the Black Crinkle Cotton 3/4 Tee and the Navy Crinkle Cotton Sleeve Side Tie Dress.

TIP #3:

Two Birds, One Stone: Why bring 2 when you can replace it with 1?

  • Bring dresses instead of tops and pants to minimise the number of pieces you need to pack.
  • Go for dresses that are easy to wear and low fuss – just throw on and go

Pictured: The Silver Spot Navy Batwing Dress, our Denim Blue Modal Tri Drape Dress and the Navy Stripe Cotton Tee Dress.

TIP #4:

Layering Perfection: The Lightweight Knit

  • Throw on a lightweight knit for an extra layer of warmth on the flight.
  • Pro-tip: choose a knit that has a high neckline, so what you’re wearing inside doesn’t appear above the neckline of the knit!

Pictured: The Light Pink Sleeveless Knit Tunic, our Edera Beige Knitted Cape and the Pink Oversized Knit Top.

TIP #5:

Versatile Styles: One Coat Fits All

  • For colder destinations, you might need a coat or thick cardigan to top off your outfit during the mornings and nights.
  • Bring just one coat that is simple in silhouette and style that can go with all of your pieces. One of the biggest packing mistakes it to pack too many heavy pieces. Pick one classic piece and embrace it!

Pictured: Our Grey Knit City Cardigan, the Black Celina Wide Collar Coat and the Blush Celina Wide Collar Coat.

TIP #6:

Multi Functional Items: A Smart Scarf

  • A smart scarf is the perfect transitional weather piece!
  • Bring a scarf that can double up as a shawl, blanket, fold up pillow, and more!
  • The smart scarf serves so many functions yet only takes up the space of one item.

Pictured: The Ocean Joseph Scarf, the Green Gina Scarf and the Red Fringe Merino Wool Scarf.

TIP #7:

Smart Storage: Trendy Totes

  • Make sure to bring a big carry on bag on board for when you don’t need your knits or cardigans! It can get a little warm when boarding the plane in a rush or in a crowd.
  • Choose a flexible style so you can easily maneuver it under the seat or into the overhead lockers.

Pictured: The Seafolly Sparkles and Spangles Tote and the Seafolly White Ship Sail Tote.


  • Finally, our pro packing tip is to use compression-packing cubes! Check out the Eagle Creek Compression Cube Set here.
  • It can easily compress your thin knits and cardigans when you don’t need them. Saving space means you can bring a smaller suitcase and travel with ease.

Let us know your tips for packing for a trip abroad by tagging us!@bluebungalow

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  • Anne

    How ironic finding this blog which I found very informative given the fact my husband and I are going on a 15 day European River Cruise then staying a few days in Dubai as we’re flying Emirates in November this year for my 70th Birthday. So exciting and have bought lots of new BB outfits for this trip.

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