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What to Wear on a Long Flight to Europe

Whether you have a trip booked mid-year to soak up the European summer or are making the trip while the weather is still cool, we have some tips for you on what to wear while traveling and when you arrive. Traveling light is essential so you can carry less and buy more during the trip! But, it can be tricky finding outfits that will serve you well on the long-haul flight as well as while you are holidaying.

This guide will give you 7 essential tips for the perfect ‘in transit’ outfits. Chic, travel-friendly and most importantly, comfortable.

Tip #1 Bamboo, the perfect travelling fabric

Bamboo is a natural fibre that is thermoregulating, so it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, which means it will easily absorb sweat and moisture to keep you feeling fresher for longer, which is perfect for humid weather. Bamboo is known for being ultra-soft and gentle on skin. To dial up the comfort factor even more, all of our bamboo garments contain spandex, so they are also ultra-stretchy. What more could you want when travelling?

Why do we LOVE Bamboo?

Tip #2 Low Maintenance Styles: Crinkle Cotton

The last thing we want to do while roaming abroad is looking for an iron or sending clothes off to be professionally steamed. With no time to waste during your precious travels, the sneakiest solution is to pack something that is intentionally crinkled. Enter: Crinkle Cotton!

Another benefit is you can roll, twist, fold the items however you like to save more space in your luggage. Cotton is also a natural, breathable fibre! It is incredibly lightweight, which is perfect if you tend to overpack like us!

Tip #3 Two Birds, One Stone: Go for a dress!

There's a perfect dress for every occasion, and a long haul flight is no exception. For an effortlessly feminine look, you can't go further than a relaxed A-line or t-shirt style dress in a soft fabric.

Even better, you've got yourself an outfit in just one item - no need to bother with styling a top and bottom. This will minimise the number of pieces you need to pack, saving room in your suitcase and of course, saving you a headache!

Tip #4 The Art of Layering

We all know how cold it can get on these long-haul flights, and layering is the perfect option so you're never caught between freezing and a little warm. Throw on a lightweight knit or cardigan for an extra layer of warmth on the flight.

Pro-tip: choose a knit that has a high neckline, so what you’re wearing underneath doesn’t appear above the neckline of the knit!

Tip #5 Pants you can wear all day

Is it better to wear tight or loose pants on a plane?

Loose pants are always a good idea for the plane. Tight pants will become uncomfortable when sitting down for long periods and your feet will also be more likely to swell up, which can even put you at risk of deep vein thrombosis - defiitely not our idea of a holiday! Look for a wide leg style with an elasticised waistband and you'll be sure to sleep your full 8 hours on this flight!

You may think that a relaxed pant will take away from the chic traveller look you’re going for, but rest assured there are plenty of options that will keep you comfy and stylish. Pair these with a more fitted or structured top if you are wanting to elevate the look.

Tip #6 Multi Functional Items: A Smart Scarf

A smart scarf is the perfect transitional weather piece! Bring a scarf that can double up as a shawl, blanket, fold up pillow, and more. A scarf serves so many functions yet only takes up the space of one item. Definitley an essential!

Tip #7  Elevate with Accessories

How can I look stylish on a long-haul flight?

If you’re trying to pull off an elevated look without sacrificing comfort, accessories can be your best friends. The best part is that you can easily slip them off after take off, and on again before you disembark!

Just keep in mind, you may have to take metal jewellery off when you go through security if it is ‘oversized,’ so stick to either one statement piece that is easy to remove or a few dainty accessories that you won’t have to take off. Even better, opt for one of our wooden necklaces and you’ll have no issues!

Now you’re ready to jet set in style! If you are looking for more inspo, check out our stylish travel outfits and tropical holiday outfits!

Share your travel plans in the comments below and let us know your favourite travel hacks.

BB xx

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