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What is a Smart Casual Dress Code For Women?

Dress codes can be complicated, and while we have all been subject to a smart casual dress code before, finding the perfect outfit can be tricky. Fortunately, we are here to provide some much-needed clarity on dressing smart casual. Whether you need some outfit inspiration or you're just unsure what smart casual dress is, we've got you covered.


This guide will show you how to dress smart casual as a woman so you can nail that dress code!

What is Smart Casual for Women?

Let’s start by defining it. Smart casual attire should appear neat and modern yet retain some elements of informal dress. Consider it a spectrum of formal dress and everyday comfort wear, sitting right in the middle with the perfect mix of elegance and comfort.


Try your best to avoid pairing too many casual items together, for instance, distressed jeans and a basic tee will appear too casual, but jeans and a nice top will work perfectly for smart casual attire as it creates a seamless balance between a casual item (jeans) and a dressier item (nice top).

Check out these two outfit combos that perfectly capture the elevated jeans and a nice top look!

Look #1 - Crisp and Clean

Look #2 - Trendsetter Alert

Can I Wear Sneakers?

Even in the world of smart casual dress, sneakers should be avoided as they’re just a touch too casual. If you’re going to give it a go, try to keep the sneakers polished and clean (check out our shoe cleaning tips here!) – brand spanking new white sneakers are a safe bet!


To play it safe yet remain comfortable, we recommend opting for loafers, mules or lace-up shoes – you can’t go wrong with these as they are classic and polished. In our opinion, all ladies should have black or neutral flat options in their wardrobe as it solves the panicked last minute “what shoes am I going to wear” dilemma

Dressing Smart Casual for Different Occasions

Dressing smart casual as a female can differ depending on the occasion, so before choosing your smart casual attire, let's consider the type of event you're attending.

Is it a daytime occasion? Or is it for work? The type of event will help you determine what styles will work best. For example, if the event is during the day, such as a lunch or the races, a good option is a dress with chic jewellery.

Smart Casual for Daytime

We love these midi dresses for a daytime event as they appear polished yet relaxed, while being floaty and breathable to beat the summer heat.


Tip: add a pair of heels to dress it up or some leather flats to keep it more casual.

Smart Casual for Work

If your event is work-related and calls for a more professional dress code, we suggest opting for some stretchy work pants and a button-down. If in doubt, add a blazer to give a slightly more professional appearance.


Smart Casual for Dinner

Are you invited to dinner with a smart casual dress code? No need to worry! There are plenty of stunning outfits to wear that will make you feel confident and fabulous.


Smart Casual Wardrobe Staples

The key to acing the smart casual dress code is to have a few staple items in a capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match. We love to combine classic and timeless pieces to create dozens of different looks. Perfecting your look for the occasion can be as simple as swapping out your jewellery and shoes, or pairing your favourite top with a skirt instead of the pants you usually drift towards.

Smart Casual Dresses

If you love to wear dresses, make sure you choose one that’s appropriate for the event you’re attending. As mentioned earlier, midi dresses are a safe option to achieve that smart casual look. For a more sophisticated look, we suggest opting for more neutral colours. However, if brighter colours are your thing, please do stay true to yourself and look for classic shapes in stunning seasonal shades.

Smart Casual Tops

Smart casual tops for women are one of the simpler pieces to wear to abide by the dress code, and we have so many fabulous pieces to choose from! Typically, smart casual attire will include a button-down shirt, but why not go as bright and fun as you want? After all, Fashion should allow you to express yourself!

Silk tops will work for a dressier smart casual event and can be easily paired with a darker jean. If going to a summer daytime event, why not opt for a style in our range of drape tops.

Smart Casual Pants

Now for the pants-loving lady! Tailored pants are an expected choice for a smart casual dress code, dark jeans could work if paired with a dressier, more structured top - The key to building the best smart casual look with pants is by pairing them with an item that will balance it out.

Smart Casual Skirts

Our top pick for a smart casual skirt is a sleek and elegant tube skirt! A neutral-toned skirt is a great option when you have a feature top as the star of the show.

We are big fans of wearing bamboo skirts to smart casual events. With their soft and stretchy hand-feel, you can achieve 5-start comfort, while still looking sophisticated due to the lustrous sheen.

We hope this gave you some guidance in finding the perfect outfit for a smart casual dress code or simply in understanding what is and isn’t considered smart casual attire for women. If you need more personalised advice on choosing the right items, feel free to book one of our styling sessions in-store or virtually here. Alternatively, you can call or email us for assistance!


Let us know in the comments below what your top tip is to take an everyday outfit to a smart casual look!

BB xx



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