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Positivity Spreading Influencers & Resources

As part of confidence week here at Blue Bungalow, we have asked our team at the head office to share some of their favourite influencers and resources that spread general positivity and style confidence. The response was overwhelming but we managed to narrow it down to the following.


Author and artist Amber Rae is famous for her thoughtful and empowering illustrations that regularly go viral on social media. She transforms the complex everyday human experience into relatable and inspiring graphics that helps puts things into perspective - sometimes knowing that we're all going through the same challenges helps us go through life with a more positive outlook. You should follow her on Instagram if you need some uplifting and calming daily reminders on the daily!


Imagine a newspaper filled with good news only! Well, this journalist-run Instagram account is as close as it gets. Free from politics, war and the spicy cough, you'll come to this page to watch emotional family reunions, learn about regular people changing the world in their own ways and read exceptionally positive stories from the world over. We LOVE it!


Looking for your next phone screen background? You've come to the right place. Full of clever reminders that YOU are enough - "everything you need is already within you" or "let this be the year you speak only good things about yourself" - this account is like your pocket best friend.


Gorgeous and down to earth Brisbane-based stylist Brooke Falvey is a true role model. Not only does she know what she likes (colour!) and how to make trends work for her body, she always looks effortlessly cool in her everyday stripe tee, cutoff denim shorts and Wayfarers summer uniform - a good reminder that it's not the clothes that you wear but the way you feel about yourself and the confidence that you exhude that matters. Not going to lie, we love her appreciation for cocktails and live music - we can relate.


Would it even be confidence week at Blue Bungalow without Stacey McGregor? Sure, she's hilarious and we love following her on Instagram to keep up with the CityCat sightings and Chef Bae adventures but what we love the most about Stace is that she is unapologetically herself. She's fierce, she's bold, and that translates to every single one of her outfits. If you want to learn how to dress for your curves and inject some personality into your wardrobe, she's your girl!

James Clear

Are you a fan of worldwide bestseller Atomic Habits - the book that teaches us that making tiny changes in our everyday routines can have huge long-lasting impact? Well, James Clear, the author, is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building confidence and reducing stress, which is something we can definitely get behind! Citing research that demonstrates that higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol can make you biologically more assertive, confident and relaxed, he suggests that body language is the key to regulating those hormones. All you need is 2 minutes a day and your favourite high power pose - stand up straight with your hands on your hips - and you should feel better in no time.

Do you have children or grandchildren between the ages of 6 and 10 years old? Then you may want to check out this adventure book series that seeks to inspire courage and initiative in your little ones. The Instagram page, on the other hand, is full of heartwarming reminders that happiness is in the little things - just beautiful.


Does Luisa look familiar? Well it may be because you've seen her gorgeous silver mane on our website and socials! This beauty hasn't died her hair in two years, a true milestone and proof that embracing your natural beauty just gives you a GLOW that no makeup, hairstyle or clothing can give you - confidence comes from the inside but shines outwards.


Having a bad day? Feeling down on yourself? If you have an Internet connection there is no quicker fix than heading over to Celeste Barber's Instagram account - laughter GUARANTEED. From putting her own hilarious twist on the most outrageous modelling poses that she can find to sharing her day to day life with her followers, she reminds us that what we see in the media is heavily filtered and that even the biggest stars, like herself, have insecurities and imperfect lives. We love her realness and the confidence that she exhudes!

These are just some of the people and content that we follow here at BB that inspires us to be our confident selves everyday but we would love to learn what works for YOU! Do you have a favourite influencer, media personality or book that has changed your perspective on body confidence.

Then please leave a comment below and we shall add it to the list.

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