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All About Ponte Pants

All About Ponte Pants

Winter is well and truly here, and we thought it was well past time that we share with you our number one winter essential, The Ponte Pant. You may have seen us talking about the genius that is Ponte Pants over on our Instagram Account or in the BB Live Videos, but we can’t pass up an opportunity to talk some more! 

What Are Ponte Pants? 

Ponte Pants (pronounced pon-tee, if you were wondering) are the love child of skinny jeans and leggings. Thicker and dressier than a legging, these pants are ultra-comfortable whilst still looking sleek and stylish. Ponte itself is a thick double-knit fabric that has a firm feeling, substantial stretch, and a slight sheen. Add all these factors together and you have yourself one AWESOME pair of pants.  

How To Wear Ponte Pants 

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the anatomy of a Ponte Pant, let us tell you why your wardrobe is begging for a pair. 

1. They are so versatile  

Ponte Pants are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe - whether you choose to wear them with a tunic top, knit jumper or button-down shirt, you will always look stylish. As Ponte Pants are thicker than your regular legging, they are perfect to wear on their own with whatever top takes your fancy. There is no need to stress about VPL (visible panty line) when wearing Ponte Pants. And to answer the age-old question of what shoes to wear, we recommended styling them with a pair of leather boots or a trendy pair of sneakers.

2. Wear them everywhere  

Both the BB HQ and Retail teams are big fans of Ponte Pants. They have four-way stretch which is perfect when you are on the move and running around during a busy workday, and they don’t dig in when you’re sitting in an office chair. If you are a party lady like us, why not try dressing your Ponte Pant up with a silk shirt and a pair of heels for your next night out on the town.  

3. Comfort galore

If you are anything like us, you know comfort is key (you can shop our whole Comfort Edit here)! Most Ponte Pants have a stretch-elastic waistband and easy pull-on style without the fuss of zippers and buttons. Similar to leggings, Ponte Pants can feel a little snug when slipping into them, however, once you’re in the pants you will not want to take them off. They are great for maintaining a sense of glamour and fashion when travelling the globe (or catching the train into the city!).  

The Best Ponte Pants

We can’t tell you all about Ponte Pants without recommending our favourites, here is our top 4!  

- Easy pull-on style

- Extra-long length, great for our tall friends

- Thick winter weight

Sold out

- Breathable bamboo blend 

- Stylish black shade  

- Available in sizes 8 to 24 

Sold out

- Zip fly and belt loops 

- Faux pockets add fun detail   

- Most “pant” like style 

Sold out

- Pull-on style with faux fly  

- Functional back pockets

- Full length slimming fit  

Sold out

Have you ever tried Ponte Pants? If so, let us know how you style them in the comments below!

BB xx

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