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We’re fashion addicts here at BB and love to keep up to date with the latest trends! But you know what we love more than anything? Getting fresh fashion inspiration from real women that look like us and have their own unique style.

While it’s fun to see what Hollywood celebrities and young influencers are wearing, sometimes it’s just a bit hard to imagine what the pieces would look like on us. Which is why we’ve decided to compile a list of some of our favourites over-40 fashionistas from the world over.

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we did discovering their take on fashion!


Sunshine Coast-based Bev has a great bright smile and a bubbly personality and her style reflects just that! She’s not one to shy away from a print or bright colour and seems to always find the right accessory - whether it be the perfect pair of earrings, leather boots or felt hat. A woman after our own heart!


If you’re a member of our Blue Bungalow Inner Circle Facebook Group then you certainly know the beautiful Melisa (and if you’re not, join us here) - she loves sharing her new BB finds with our beautiful community of more than 13.7K women and has a knack for elevating the pieces in our basics collection. She is based in Melbourne, so if you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration as we transition into winter, look no further.


If you’re familiar with @melisainoz then you may already know Sydney-based Barb - the pair connected over social media through their love of fashion and often do posts together wearing similar outfits - we don’t blame them, us ladies at BB often rock up to work wearing the same dress! What can we say, we have great taste!


Not only is Sara a stylist and image advisor, but she is also an emergency nurse! How she manages to look so amazing with a schedule like that, we’ll never know. We’re big fans of how she manages to incorporate new trends into her wardrobe all while staying true to her personal style.


We have a thing for good photography and boho yet chic outfits, which is why we love following Suzie! Her feed looks like it’s straight out of the pages of a high-fashion magazine and, as you can see in the photo below, the woman can style a hat like no other.  


We’re not sure what we like more about Christine’s Instagram feed; her cool and quirky outfits, her two dogs, Hawk and Dr. Dandy, who frequently feature in the background of her photos or the fact that we get to brush up on our German thanks to her bilingual captions!


Nicole promotes style at any style or age which, as you know, we’re all about here at Blue Bungalow! Whenever we feel stressed by our fast-paced urban lifestyle, we head over to her account as she always seems to find the most relaxing country-inspired backdrops that make her clothes stand out and shine.


Jan’s username, retiring_not_shy, says it all; whether you follow her for daily outfit inspiration, Australian travel adventures (she was just hot air ballooning in Alice Springs, lucky her!) or the occasional food snaps, this Sunshine Coast-based influencer shows us that life only gets better (and, dare we say, more fun) as time goes by.


We’re all about black and white prints at the moment so it was only logical to include @stylishmurmurs’ account in this list. Think all black is boring? Well, think again. Deborah knows just how to mix different fabrics, textures and accessories to create chic, timeless outfits that look like they’re straight out of the pages of Vogue magazine.


Gold-coast based besties Linda and Leanne run this fabulous account and, in their words, “believe style is accessible at any age and isn't a "price tag"- it's invisible." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! They always look so fabulous and put together - just the push that we needed to get out of our loungewear.


No one wears a mini dress quite like Meredith! If you’re scared to show off your knees, we bet that one look at her page will have you change your mind and run to the shops to get one of your own. So cool and effortless - above the knee dresses are a staple in any good Aussie wardrobe.


Sunshine-coast based Maudie knows that a good pair of glasses can make any outfit stand out - we’re obsessed with her thick black frames and beautiful silver mane. And just look at how she styled this pair of wet look pants, which are all the rage this season - it’s official, we’ve got outfit envy!


Emma is likely one of the most relatable people we follow on Instagram. A grandmother, lifestyle, fashion and beauty writer, her feed is a perfect mix of daily outfits and family snaps - we have a feeling that we’d have plenty to chat about if we were to grab a cuppa!


If you’re looking for some Queensland winter style inspo, look no further than Karen Suzanne’s account. Our climate is all about layering as it might be cold in the morning but warm and sunny in the afternoon; there’s truly an art to dressing for the season and, as you can see, she’s mastered it.


We like to think that Californians and Australians have a similar fashion sense; a laid-back look characterized by a love of colourful flowy dresses, denim jackets, sunnies and hats to shade ourselves from the sun. It’s safe to say that we’d love to share a wardrobe with Lisa - until we can travel overseas we’ll just have to keep dreaming by scrolling through her feed!


61 years young Janie doesn’t shy away from a trend but truly knows how to make it work for her body; just look at how she’s styled this beige longline cardigan below and paired it with a brown ankle boot to break up her outfit and elongate the body - fashion genius at work!


Winter has just come to an end in Canada so now is the perfect time to look back through their photos and see how they styled their knits, scarves and pants over the last few months; we absolutely love Renata’s look below - perfect for lunch with the girls! Looking at her feed, we would let her style us anyday.


We dare you to scroll through Georgette’s feed and not feel uplifted! If you need some new ideas to mix and match prints and colours, she’s your girl. She makes us want to pull out all the plaid, polka dots, pinks and greens in our wardrobe and throw them all together - we can only hope to look as amazing.


Comfort, but make it chic. Yup, that’s something we can get behind! Susan can take a simple plain knit, a white shirt and a pair of straight-leg pants and make them interesting by adding a fun bag or a standout pair of sneakers. Bonus: if you’re into home decor, you’ll love this account - not only can she put great outfits together, she has exceptional taste when it comes to interior design.


Previously known as “Fifty, not Frumpy”, Susan now blogs as “Susan After 60”. Her style has evolved over the years; from slim jeans and long tunics to shorter tops and softer colours, Susan is constantly reinventing herself by investing in high-quality basics that she accessorizes with interesting shoes and statement jewellery. If you prefer pants over skirts and dresses, head to Susan’s blog for amazing but easy to recreate outfit ideas.

Did you find a new style icon or is there someone that you think we should know about? Share their Instagram handle or blog in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and share this blog post with your friends on Facebook - after all, sharing is caring!


  • Marni

    @trialandstylewithjulie should definitely be on this list! Repping the rural, country women!

  • Lisa Richardson

    I am so flattered to be included in this post. I love finding new fashionistas to be inspired by. Thank you so much!!! XO

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