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Fifteen Over-40 Fashion Influencers To Follow

Our Favourite Over-40 Fashion Influencers

We’re fashion addicts here at BB and love to keep up to date with the latest trends! But you know what we love more than anything? Getting fresh fashion inspiration from real women that look like us and have their own unique style. These captivating (and comfortable) looks have even inspired us to carefully curate a collection of over-40s fashion, so you can easily elevate your style from everyday to influencer!

While it’s fun to see what Hollywood celebrities and young influencers are wearing, sometimes it’s just a bit hard to imagine what the pieces would look like on us. Which is why we’ve decided to compile a list of some of our favourites over-40 fashionistas from the world over.

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we did discovering their take on fashion!

Gwen Gottlieb @glenliveswell

Based in the sunny state of Florida, Gwen radiates a bright and positivite personality, which is beautifully mirrored in her glamorous outfits. She effortlessly turns every day into the perfect occasion to embrace fashion and look glamorous (all things we appreciate at BB). Beyond being a fashion icon, Gwen wholeheartedly embraces the roles of a dedicated mom and a loving gigi. Whether she's donning event-worthy ensembles or offering daily outfit inspiration, Gwen exemplifies that glamour can be a part of every stage and moment in life.

Get Gwen's Look

 Susan G Kanoff @themidlifefashionista

Meet Susan, the stylish, fun and motivational founder of @kickingcancerintheheels. Dedicated to inspiring women to embrace every stage of life, Susan is not just a beacon of strength but also a catalyst for positive change. On her fashionista account, she shares everyday glam outfit inspiration and shows how to add a touch of sophistication to every look. With her bright and bubbly personality, Susan embodies the spirit of empowerment, proving that age is just a number, and every day is an opportunity to shine.

Get Susan's Look

Teresa Taylor @terry__taylor

Creating waves in the fashion scene from her base in Auckland, Terry Taylor is a true style maestro. Teresa's allure lies in her ultra-chic and stylish approach, seamlessly blending luxury pieces with affordable gems. With meticulous attention to detail, she takes full head-to-toe styling to the next level, effortlessly curating looks that are both sophisticated and accessible. In a world saturated with trends, Teresa stands out, captivating her smaller yet devoted audience with a distinctive fashion sense.

Our Contrast Stitch Edit

Wanda Stephanow @wandalovessharing

Wanda brings us modern style tips for midsize women, all the way from Houston, USA. With a background as a former stylist, Wanda offers a wealth of expertise to her following - there's nothing like hearing it from a true professional! Her unique approach lies in crafting outfits that not only showcase the latest trends but also inspire women over 40 to fearlessly experiment with their looks. Wanda's account is a celebration of individuality and a sneak peak into the world of professional styling. She loves sharing, and we love to listen!

Our Trend Edit

Melisa Lewins @melisainoz

If you’re a member of our Blue Bungalow Inner Circle Facebook Group then you certainly know the beautiful Melisa (and if you’re not, join us here) - she loves sharing her new BB finds with our beautiful community of more than 21 thousand women and has a knack for elevating the pieces in our basics collection. She is based in Melbourne, so if you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration for cooler weather, look no further.

Our Basics Collection

Nannette Johnson @sweetfringebenefits

Giving her take on the complexities of homelife, body changes and the ever-evolving world of fashion, Nanette Johnson shares her personal journey with refreshing honesty. Based in Nashville, her page is all about finding community through fashion and making women feel less alone in their challenges. But, Nanette is not just about style; she has a remarkable way with words that make her captions a joy to read. In each post, she shares what she calls her #sweetfringebenefits, which are all about finding the silver linings in life. We always come away from her page in a better mood and inspired to look at the glass-half full!

Get Nannette's Look

Linda & Leanne @thiswiththis

Gold-coast based besties Linda and Leanne have teamed up to create the fabulous @thiswiththis, showcasing their effortlessly chic and timeless outfits. They believe style is accessible at any age and has nothing to do with a price tag - it all comes from within. Their feed serves as your daily nudge to get out of the loungewear and revel in the confidence boost of a stunning outfit! As the saying goes; look good, feel good.

Cindy Swanson @_cindyswanson_

Cindy is an influential force in the realm of fashion and lifestyle for the fabulous over 40, carving her niche by curating a page brimming with invaluable styling insights. Her content is a treasure trove of easy-to-understand tips and tricks for women seeking to elevate their fashion game. With a timeless yet chic personal style — think effortlessly pairing jeans with a crisp shirt— Cindy effortlessly embodies the fusion of classic elegance and contemporary flair.

Karen Suzanne @karen_suzanne_

If you’re looking for some Queensland style inspiration, look no further than Karen's tropical, breezy outfits. Our climate is all about easy, breezy styles - there’s truly an art to dressing for the season and, as you can see, she’s mastered it. We love her daily outfit content because it is so easy to replicate in our own wardrobe. Be it a road trip, beach day or festive event, Karen has tips for every occasion. As a curvy size 12-14, she also gives great advice on how to choose styles that complement your body shape and give you confidence rather than swallow you in fabric.

Discover Breathable Styles for Warm Weather

Lisa Richardson @coasttocoast2

Meet Lisa, the empowering influencer from Nashville, on a heartfelt mission to redefine beauty and fashion for women over 40. With a genuine passion for making every woman feel comfortable and confident, Lisa is your go-to guide for embracing style, health, and beauty beyond the conventional norms. Her feed is a goldmine of realistic style tips that can be easily replicated by her followers. She has a knack for elevating affordable basics into a chic, unique outfit and, like us, is always looking forward to the next holiday just to show off her vacation wardrobe!

Annette Emelity @chicinstpete

Annette is a woman of many hats, so her page really has a bit of everything. As a six-time author, a retired sales VP and a certified fashion lover, Annette's page is high-energy and always a fun time. Between relaxing at her ultra-chic beach house and enjoying adventures in Mexico, she shares inspiration for colourful beach wear and chic casual looks.

Get Annette's Look

Candace Cima @lifeinmy70s

Candace's account shows us just what it means to age gracefully, her feed a unique blend of exercise, fashion, and lifestyle insights. At the age of 76, Candace encourages her audience to reinvent themselves as they age, emphasizing that their best years are yet to come. Beyond her sophisticated and timeless style, Candace is passionately dedicated to educating women on the art of styling, empowering them to look and feel their absolute best. Our favourite quote of hers? "There is a big difference between styling an item and just wearing it."

Judith @judith_notjudy

Looking fabulous at 70 years of age, Judith knows how to dress stylishly for colder climates. Based in Melbourne, she effortlessly incorporates colour and print into her everyday ensembles and often reaches for a comfortable pair of black leggings to style with her dresses and skirts to keep warm, a staple for winterising your wardrobe.

Get Judith's Look

Luisa @thesilverlining_1970

Meet Luisa, the radiant Aussie model who goes beyond the runway to champion age diversity. As a passionate advocate for embracing the beauty of every life stage, Luisa is a fervent supporter of 'ageing gratefully' and empowers women to celebrate their silver locks with confidence. We love her authentic approach to sharing, where she promises not to touch up photos to an unrealsitic standard (even models have imperfections!) and shares both her ups and downs in life, rather than a glamorous 'highlight reel.'  

Jan Wild @retiring_not_shy

Jan’s username, retiring_not_shy, says it all; whether you follow her for daily outfit inspiration, Australian travel adventures or the occasional food snaps, this Brisbane based influencer shows us that life only gets better (and, dare we say, more fun) as time goes by.

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