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A skirt as comfortable as your favourite pair of PJs, one that smooths everything over, holds you in and makes you feel absolutely fabulous, whatever the occasion… Sounds too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be.

These are just some of the reasons why our tube skirts are absolute bestsellers all year round. Because really, is there anything better than stretchy skirts? Comfort while still looking put together… Yes, please.

Yet to add this versatile skirt to your closet? Keep scrolling to learn everything there is to know about your wardrobe’s next MVP (that’s “most valuable player” for those of you that prefer shopping over team sports).

Think of a tube skirt as a stretch pencil skirt. Meaning you can dress it up or down, wear it to work if you feel like it, pull it out when you have nothing to wear - you get the gist.

But what is a ruched skirt, you ask?

Well, it’s a stretchy skirt with an elastic waistband and ruching detail on the side seams. What is ruching? Ruching is the process of adding extra fabric to a garment and gathering and pleating it to create extra folds. And why ruching? The subtle bunching of the fabric gives texture and interest to an otherwise basic skirt and, as a bonus, smooths over any lumps and bumps and emphasizes curves where you have them. We know, we know - why don’t we just add ruching to all our clothes and call it a day!

If you're not sure what the difference is between all our tube skirts, here's a quick recap:

The Ruched Skirt

- Made of the perfect mix of bamboo and spandex
- Double layered which gives just the right amount of thickness to conceal and flatter
- Wide but firm elastic waistband
- Ruching detail on the side seams
- Below the knee length but can be worn above the knee as well

Best worn with: a loose hi-lo top or a tucked-in tee to show off your curves and a pair of flats

The Zeehan Skirt

- Double layer of bamboo and spandex which gives a smoothing effect
- Wide, comfortable waistband that flattens the tummy area
- Ruching on the sides
- Below the knee length

Best worn with: a bamboo batwing top, a long statement necklace or a scarf and ankle boots

The Bamboo Tube Skirt

- Breathable bamboo fabric with a small amount of elastane to allow you to stretch out those limbs
- Wide and flat waistband for ultimate comfort - no elastic, but it is stretchy
- Slit at the back so that you can run after your pup
- Available in knee-length or as a full-length maxi that can be worn higher on the hips for a midi length

Best worn with: a bamboo tee and a pair of white sneakers

Ruched Skirt vs. Zeehan

Now, this is likely the question that we get the most often:

"BB, what's the difference between your ruched skirt and your Zeehan skirt?"

We know, we know - looking at the pictures on the website, they pretty much look the same. But, if you take a closer look, there are some key differences that make them complementary rather than competing pieces in your closet.

Our stylist, Dan, actually answered this question in one of her recent Lives in the Blue Bungalow Inner Circle Facebook Group. Not part of the group? Join us here or read the recap on the Ask a Stylist section of our website.

Simply put, the ruched skirt has a firm and defined elastic waistband while the one on the Zeehan is wider but much softer; there’s no elastic, which means less digging in as it lays flat on the body.

When it comes to length, the Zeehan hits most of our ladies below the knee while the ruched skirt hits on or above the knee.

Style-wise, if you love ruching detailing then you may prefer the ruched skirt as it is definitely more pronounced, creating a defined ripple-like effect. The Zeehan also has ruching on the sides but the pleating is more relaxed.

How to wear a tube skirt? For ruched skirt outfit ideas, look no further.

Tube skirts are arguably one of the easiest items of clothing to style (and to wear, as you can’t really get more comfortable than that). Good luck finding a top that doesn’t look good with your stretchy skirt - ladies, this is not a challenge.

Batwing Top

A bodycon skirt paired with a batwing top is the quintessential Blue Bungalow look if you ask us! Why? These two pieces are offered in the same soft and stretchy bamboo fabric for utmost comfort and movement. You can mix and match different prints and colours or go for a monochromatic look.

Hi-Lo Top

If the thought of wearing a form-fitting skirt feels risqué, a hi-lo top is the solution. Having more fabric in the back will camouflage your assets while the shorter length in the front will show off your pins and your curves which, let’s not forget, will look amazing thanks to the ruching.

Silk Top

Structured on the bottom and unstructured on top just works! The flowiness of a silk top is emphasized when paired with a black midi skirt; just add a pair of heeled boots or sandals and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for after-work drinks or date night.

Denim Jacket

Tube skirts and denim jackets go hand in hand! It’s the ultimate easy-breezy weekend outfit; from early morning coffee runs to cheering on the sidelines, nothing will make you look as effortlessly stylish as this combo! And don’t limit yourself to blue denim! A white denim jacket looks amazing in summer with a brightly coloured tube skirt while a darker denim jacket can tie your look together if your outfit has a lot going on already.

Wrap or Poncho

Since those skirts are fitted, you can afford to wear a looser top - you won’t get lost in all the fabric! This gives you the perfect excuse to embrace the trendy poncho or to wrap yourself in bamboo cashmere.


Any knit top can be tucked in or half-tucked into your tube skirt for those colder days. Choose one in a contrasting colour for an easy way to keep warm this winter and simply add a fun printed scarf to finish off your outfit.

What about a long tube maxi skirt?

Everyone should own a stretch maxi skirt like the Bamboo Maxi Tube Skirt; it is as comfortable as it is versatile.

Wondering how to wear your favourite maxi tube skirt? Just grab any one of the tops mentioned above, slide the skirt on and go! On top of that, because you have so much fabric to work with on the bottom and no ruching, so less bulk, you can afford to wear a longer jumper over the skirt rather than having to tuck it in. Worn with a pair of white sneakers, it’s the ideal weekend outfit.

And if you’re looking to add some fun to your look, try a Leopard Bamboo Maxi Tube Skirt or a floral pencil skirt - they’re just as easy to wear as a black or navy stretchy skirt if you pick a solid top.  

What to wear under a bodycon skirt?

Literally anything you want! That’s the best part. Those skirts are made of a thick, soft fabric that is very forgiving (not that your body has anything to apologize for) and, thanks to their stretchy waistband, feel just like a comfortable pair of shapewear, meaning they hug you in all the right places.  

Yes, shapewear can be comfortable - we wrote all about that here.

The best part of a stretch high waist skirt? You can hike it up to the narrowest part of your body, wherever that is for you, and adjust the ruching to find the perfect length.

What shoes work with a pencil skirt?

What shoes don’t work with a tube skirt would be the better question! It all depends on the occasion and what you’re wearing on top, as those skirts can be dressed up or down.

For a casual look, try a pair of sneakers, a loafer or a flat sandal. Going out? Add an ankle boot or a sandal with a small block heel.

Can you wear tube skirts in winter?

If wearing a ruched skirt with leggings and ankle boots is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Anyone else break down in song? No, just us? Alright, moving on. But the answer is YES, absolutely. The options are actually endless when it comes to styling your skirts for the colder months.

Adding a patterned legging can totally change your look or make a basic outfit more interesting. The drop in temperature also gives you the opportunity to try the colour-blocking trend: why not wear a black legging with an all-navy bamboo outfit? And if you have a favourite pair of boots, then there’s no better way of showcasing them than to choose a black bamboo batwing top and a black ruched skirt and finishing off your ensemble with a pair of blush or tan ankle boots - they’ll pop!


Bottom line - tube skirts are a must-have, look amazing on every single body shape and height and are stylish whether dressed up or down.

But don’t take it from us, just look at what these BB ladies have to say about their favourite skirts:

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