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It's a sneaker thing

It's a sneaker thing

So, you've come to the realisation sneakers literally go with everything in your wardrobe - welcome to the club!

Jeans and a tee? Tick.
Flowy dress? Yep.
Tunic top, slim pants? Of course.
All-black suit? Heck, if Helen Mirren can do it, why not! 


Left to right:
Pixie Star White Leather Sneaker $159.95
Pixie Star Leopard Leather Sneaker $159.95
Greenie White Leather Sneaker $139.95


It doesn’t seem to matter the season, the occasion, or the style, the trusty sneaker is so versatile they’ve become a fashion staple of epic proportions. Not only does the sneaker add a funky, casual vibe to any outfit, they also add MAJOR comfort. 

On any given day here at BB HQ, you could easily count at least 10 of us wearing a sneaker whether it's in the store, in the office, or in the warehouse. We even have it on good authority that some BB team members have hit double digits when it comes to sneaker ownership. But don't worry, we don't hold that against you Boss... 



But wait! 

You're worried about how on earth those fancy new kicks are going to stay clean aren't you? Well, worry no more. We’ve done a little scientific testing here at BB and using our very own shoes - yes we were willing to put them on the line for this blog - we can confidently say we've found an easy and quick cleaning hack that you're going to love. 

Not only is this method fast (finished in the time it takes to make yourself a cuppa), you've probably got all the products under your kitchen sink. Happy days!




Sneaker cleaning hack
You’ll need:
Toothpaste (non-gel is best but most work)
Magic eraser (available from Woolworths or Bunnings)
Paper towel or clean cloth

1. Remove laces (if they need a clean too, just pop them in the washing machine)

2. Put a liberal amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush and rub it onto the shoes. You can either spot clean the marks or go all over 

3. Wipe off the toothpaste with the paper towel/clean cloth

4. Wet the magic eraser according to the instructions and rub it on any stubborn stains (again, you can spot clean marks or rub all over). The magic eraser works especially well along the edge of the soles 

If any areas of the sole edge are textured, the magic eraser may break up (this is pretty normal as magic erasers are soft and traditionally designed for flat surfaces).

5. Rinse the shoes with a little water and pat dry

6. Pop in some scrunched-up paper or a shoe last to keep the shape and leave in a clean, cool spot to dry completely

7. Replace the laces and you’re done!

This method works best on leather or synthetic sneakers. For canvas, remove the laces, pop both the laces and shoes into the washing machine with a towel (this helps with the bumping around in the machine), wash on a cold cycle and leave in a cool area to dry.


So even after that, you STILL think you need a new pair (we know, sometimes a sneaker is just too far gone...)?

Never fear! We've got plenty of shiny, snazzy pairs online just waiting for you to take them for a test drive (walk?)...


Shop our sneakers here.




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