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The Linen Lowdown

The Linen Lowdown

Here at Blue Bungalow it is no secret that we love a good linen style, but how do you know which type is best for you? We are breaking down the what, where and how’s of linen so you can find your perfect style!

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When you think of linen your mind probably goes straight to Summers in Noosa and weekends at beachside resorts, but you can make your linen work harder and wear it all year round. We have the lowdown on the top linen clothing styles of the season and will help you find your perfect fit for any occasion!

Fay Black Linen Jumpsuit


Careless Elegance

We all want to look amazing without spending hours fine tuning our look, and low maintenance linen is the perfect way to achieve this careless elegance! A soft, crumpled look can be found in ultra soft Linen Viscose blends or with a knitted 100% linen fabric. These fabrics are softer, relaxed and are less prone to get wrinkles, and reducing the ironing load is never a bad thing!


Modern Edge

Upgrade your urban wardrobe by wearing darker tones like khaki, grey and charcoal linen pieces. You can keep the look casual with a dark sneaker for a luxe chic look or match a Linen blend cardigan back with your basic black underlayer. The linen blend makes for a softer, fabric which means you bring in a stripe or check print. Let the fabric make the statement and add a simple boot or slide to complete your look.


Classic and Timeless

A classic woven 100% linen is something every woman should have in her wardrobe and can take you from day to night with ease. Whether it’s a dress or a trendy top, it will instantly give your look a timeless, crisp and elegant edge. A white on white outfit will bring the Hamptons to you, or try a darker tone for a more transeasonal look.

Blue Floral Linen Pant

Colour Transformation

Linen is no longer limited to white and beige styles that immediately make you look like a Melbourne matriarch. You can now wear vibrant pinks, bright yellows and even cute floral prints in Linen fabrics and by adding modern accessories these styles can quickly become a gorgeous look for your next weekend event.


Creating Value

Linen is one of the season’s upcoming hot trends, but if you are not yet ready to commit to a luxe linen staple or want the look without the price tag, try a Linen Cotton blend. These styles are great value and have a classic, crisp and textured look. This fabric is also perfect if you are spending a lot of time in chilly air-conditioned rooms as the insulating properties of cotton will stop you from freezing to the bone!



What exactly is it?

Everyone knows that linen is a luxurious, premium fabric that is perfect for Summer styling, but what exactly is it? Linen is made from the flax plant and has been a staple in the fashion world for thousands of years.  It is grown all over the world, and generations of knowledge have made the Italians the acknowledged masters of weaving it. It is the strongest natural fibre going around, making it the number one pick when looking for longevity and luster. Linen is also the perfect fabric for fighting the Summer heat as the thicker fibres create a highly breathable weave and linen is naturally wicking. On top of this, with use, linen softens to create a lovely drape and will keep you feeling cool and confident.


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