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Shapewear. Just reading the word makes you shudder? We’ve been there.

Flashbacks of wearing a tight beige contraption under our wedding dress and the panic that arose when nature called and we couldn’t get it off fast enough… We've been having nightmares just thinking about it.

But we’ve learned a thing or two since then and we’re here to bust some myths surrounding body shapers. News flash: they can be comfortable and empowering!

Myth #1 - Shapewear will damage your organs

Hmm lady, we’re not living in medieval times. If you’re wearing shapewear that is squishing your gut you’re doing it wrong and we’re here to help!

There are different levels of compression out there and slimming underwear can be comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day - it’s just a matter of knowing what style and fabric to look for. If you want comfort, forget about corsets and waist trainers and look for ultra-stretchy and breathable high-waisted underwear instead.

The right shapewear will hug you in all the right places and smooth everything out, giving you the confidence that you may need to try a new look, such as a figure-hugging dress.  

Would you like to see body shaping briefs in action? Just watch this video review by our very own Leisa - it's not exactly a shapewear before and after as she hasn't taken them off since we asked her to try them. To say she loves our new range of shapewear would be an understatement!

Leisa wears the Navy Leopard Modal Drape Top and the Navy Leopard Modal Stretch Legging.

Myth #2 - Shapewear will make the scale budge

Ah, we wish! Unfortunately, there’s nothing like a balanced diet and some exercise to lose a few kilos, but good shapewear can help accentuate your curves under your favourite ruched skirt and help smooth everything down under a tight-fitting dress or a curve-hugging fabric.

Looking for the best slimming high waisted underwear? Try the Powerlite High Waist Brief.

For everyday tummy control underwear, the Powerlite Full Brief is what we would recommend - tummy control panties that don't roll, yup they exist.

Sold out

Sold out

So, can shapewear help you lose weight? No, but it can certainly make you look like you did, if only for a few hours!

Myth #3 - Shapewear is only for the red carpet

Wrong, so wrong. Knee-length shorts can be worn under a dress to prevent chafing on those hot summer days - after all, you shouldn’t let red, itchy skin get in the way of your shopping session. Nothing like all day thigh protection!

And that pair of jeans that you bought a few years ago that’s sitting in your closet because it’s just that tad bit too tight? Throw on a pair of control underwear, not only will you be able to say goodbye to visible panty lines thanks to their seamless finish, but the wide smoothing waistband may well allow you to zip your pants up - hello new wardrobe power player!

The Micro Grip Mid Waist Brief offers a light level of control making this the perfect shapewear to wear under pants.

Sold out

Myth #4 - Shapewear just won't stay up

Ugh, we’ve been there. There’s nothing more annoying than shapewear that keeps rolling down and creates love handles where they don't naturally exist.

There are a few ways around that. First, make sure that you’re wearing the right size.

How to choose your shapewear size? Simply have a look at our handy size charts; our team measures each garment individually for the perfect, most comfortable fit. Unless we tell you otherwise, choose the size you would normally wear. So if you’re a 12/14 in pants, choose the Nude Powerlite High Waist Shortie in the same size - don’t size down! If you choose a size smaller, not only will you be hating the world because you’ll be uncomfortable, but you’ll be creating bulges that don’t exist (hello, muffin top).  

Second, choose an ultra-high rise style - this will allow you to tuck the waistband under your bra to prevent rolling and give you a seamless silhouette from the back (adieu, bra bulge). Looking for the best body shaper that doesn’t roll down? Try the Powerlite High Waist Shortie.

Sold out

Myth #5 - You need a few greys to wear shapewear

Who wears shapewear? Just about everyone. Think of all those Hollywood stars on the red carpet... Their full-time job is literally to work out and look good, yet they still wear compression undergarments when they step out of the house (and sometimes even two pairs on top of each other, if the rumours are true)!  

Anyone could use a good pair of shapewear at some point in their life - under a bodycon dress for a night out with the girls, under a white dress, to hold everything in postpartum…

Instead of hiding under layers of clothes to hide excess skin or spending hours on the exercise bike to tone that bum, put on a pair of control top underwear for a quick-fix that works.

How To Choose Your Shapewear

There’s a type of shapewear for every occasion and for every concern!

Looking to smooth over your hips, thighs and torso all at once, look for an ultra-high waisted bodysuit. Need some assistance sucking in that lower tummy pouch? Look for high-waisted panelled underwear.

As mentioned above, avoid the temptation to size down and stick to your regular size. After all, comfort is key, even when it comes to shapewear; you should feel hugged-in rather than restricted in your movements.

How to make sure that you’re wearing the right size? Know your measurements so that you can refer to our handy custom size charts and strut down your hallway wearing your new shapewear - it should stay in place even as you twirl to Celine Dion.

Shapewear - Your New Secret Weapon

You know we’re all about body positivity here at Blue Bungalow and we think that shapewear needs to stop being seen in a negative light.

If it makes you feel held in and gives you the confidence to be more adventurous with your fashion, then all the more power to you. And if it doesn't? Well, don’t wear it! Nobody needs shapewear and if you don’t feel like wearing it we have a large selection of super comfy bamboo underwear just for you.

If you need help finding the perfect undergarment, our friendly customer service team is just a phone call or live chat away - they know all about shapewear!

Have you tried our new range of shapewear? Let us know what you think in the comments below and help a fellow BB lady out!

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