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So "anythingshiny" is a trend. Again. And newbie princess Meghan has picked up the glitter gauntlet and side-sprinted with knees together (as royal etiquette decrees) to the front. Even the depths of pregnancy couldn’t hold her back. There wasn’t a tent-frock a ’la good-girl Kate in sight. Instead, the bump was blinged to a high shine and the royal fashion shackles smashed. We imagine the Queen threw her bejewelled hands in the air, muttering casual obscenities about the original doe-eyed protagonist whose revenge-dressing legacy led all future princesses astray. Who didn’t delve into the pages of New Idea with secret glee post Di-Charles breakup to watch the princess parade around in high shine gowns and plunging necklines like a woman hell bent on revenge. Or maybe the Queen has simply dropped the etiquette ball since her hands are full diffusing royal rascal Prince Phillip’s verbal incontinence at pretty much every outing he manages to infiltrate. Not to mention the unfortunate car flipping incident when Phil went rogue at a stop sign. Seriously, the Queen is just like a worn-out mum trying to wrangle her bunch of troublemakers into the mini-van after a visit to Maccas.

Meghan Markle and Lady Di in sequin dresses
Meghan Sparkle and the original Royal Troublemaker Glitter Bomb.

So this season's fashion pack are telling us it's ok, and our favourite royals are onboard, so what else is there to do but throw caution to the wind and step on the twinkle train. We mean, if even our heterosexual men folk are glittering themselves up, why shouldn’t we? Wait – what? Ok, so you missed that fascinating 2015 beard trend when men swapped the razor for a bit of razzle-dazzle? But if we’re honest, all manner of men have been delving into sparkle since time began; the glitter-tuxed doo-wop bands of the 50’s, the glam-rockers of the 70’s, David Bowie Stardust wannabe’s in the 80’s, to the billions of sequin bombers ASOS and Co are currently pimping out to Gen Z glitz-ters. And who can forget that magical scene at the end of Footloose when Kevin dances with free abandon inside a glitter hurricane? 

Sigh. If only we all had our own private glitter hurricane.

Of course we all wanna be in this fun club. But how?
On the scale of Golden Girls, if you’re more like the Dorothy of the group, you’ll prefer a low-fi approach. But if you believe Blanche is the bomb, then sequins are likely your spirit animal.
Whatever your penchant, no one wants to end up like that mirrored ball John Travolta feverishly dances around every Saturday Night. So let’s get our glitter game-plan sorted.


We’re a bit glitz shy, but a little dabble in disco never hurt anyone. Luckily for us, the BB gang have compiled the best high-shine collection of accessories to help us elevate any outfit to a gentle shimmer. Think metallic, and on the statement side. Anything in gold, rose gold, silver or bronze immediately ups the anti of an outfit. But put the brakes on pairing sparkly statement accessories with over-the-top outfit prints. Instead, select block colour for a sophisticated approach.

A clutch or purse bedecked in sequins, metallic beading or glitter can also work well with high beam accessories and a block coloured outfit. Our pick would be BB’s Leopard Confetti Print Sequin Pouch or the Floral Ivory Beaded Clutch for a pop of print to add interest, but not clash with your outfit. Another instant fave would be the Textured Metallic Pouch range in bronze, rose gold and silver.

Instead of a glitzy purse, you may like to consider putting a little sparkle in your step. BB have a fab range of metallic sandals and slides for instant polish, like the super soft leather Davis Gold Slide or Aid Silver Leather Slide. If you’re headed out and need something a little fresher, the metallic Autumn Leaf Sandal range or Snazzy Rose Gold Sandals should be high on the list of must-haves. Metallic shoes team well with statement accessories in the same hue….just don’t go overboard – balance is key to keeping it lo-fi.


Tonal Silk Dresses with Metallic Accessories

Rose was the gentle mediator between the extreme personalities in the Golden Girl sharehouse. And dressing in gleam without turning gaudy is all about tempering the extremes. A good tip is to choose one metallic hue and go tonal from head to toe. For your outfit choose a satin or silk material with shine, and then add metallic accessories to match. The White Sequin Layered Dress (pictured) has super subtle silver sequin details, and when teamed with silver accessories looks stunning without the need for sunglasses. Likewise the Blush Silk Layer Dress (pictured) is given some extra oomph with rose gold accents.

Otherwise, you can also stick to a satiny material (something that's so luminous it looks like the moon is following it around) in a non-metallic colour, but team with high shine accessories. Take a look at the cleverly styled Aqua Gathered Front Layer Tunic or Greta Sage Sleeveless Tunic (pictured).

Silk Dresses with Metallic Accessories

If you don’t need to be all dolled up, you can also introduce lustre to your leisurewear by choosing statement metallic earrings plus an ultra-brilliant pair of sneakers. The best part - they don’t have to cost the earth. The BB Pinterest offers us a fun DIY tutorial on pimping up a plain pair of sneakers. You could get creative with the White Turin Canvas Shoes or the Aya White Canvas Sneaker.


We’re no wallflowers, and we want to outshine Blanche at her best.

Yeah, we got your bedazzled vibe Blanche.

Ok, so you’ll want to pop your new metallic accessories on with a dress like one of the Megan’s (cleverly named after our fave princess maybe?). And don’t forget the metallic sandals.

The key to keeping this high voltage shine socially acceptable is in the block base colour. It also pays to invest in a little help in the tan department, so we don’t look waxy against all that wattage.

Meanwhile, the buzz around the BB HQ is there are more sequin dresses just about to drop for the festive season. Yessssssss!!! That made our faces light up like Dad’s dodgy Xmas lights that are still outside from last year. Bring it on BB. You’ve opened the gateway to full blown glitter obsession.

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