When Spring arrives and we get the urge to clean and de-clutter, it’s not only a great time to clear out the half empty body products under the bathroom sink, or the overflowing odds and ends in that “miscellaneous” drawer, it’s also the perfect time to give your wardrobe a good clean up!

We’ve put together a 5 step guide to make the process easy…

STEP #1 – Take everything out!

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…and we mean everything! Even things you know you’ll keep, just take it all out and dump it on the bed. Starting with a clean slate gives you the opportunity to really assess everything.

STEP #2 – Create piles!

‘KEEP’ – for things you’ll definitely hold on to.
‘DONATE’ – for things you won’t be keeping.
‘MAYBE’ – for the things you’re undecided about.

At the end of the process the ‘MAYBE’ pile will need to be divided into ‘KEEP’ or ‘DONATE’, so if you can avoid using this pile from the beginning it’ll save time later.

At the end of this post we’ve included some information on where you can donate old clothes and why it’s so important not to throw them in the bin! See below for details.

STEP #3 – Assess everything!

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It’s time to be ruthless! Look at each piece, try it on if you need to, and decide which pile it belongs in.

Get rid of it if…

  • you didn’t wear it last season, as you probably won’t wear it this coming season either.
  • it’s uncomfortable, doesn’t fit properly, or you just don’t feel good in it.
  • it no longer suits your image or style. E.g. if you used to work a corporate job wearing suits and heels but now work from home in your jeans and tees, then you don’t need to hold on to all that corporate wear.
  • it’s stained, ripped or faded and you don’t want to get it professionally fixed.

The aim is to end up with pieces that you genuinely love, that are comfortable to wear, that serve a purpose, and that you feel good in.

STEP #5 – Organise and fill gaps!

Now you get to put all of your keepers back in the wardrobe! This is a chance to arrange things how you want them, fold everything neatly, and start the new season feeling a bit more organised.

You’ll now have a good idea of any gaps in your wardrobe that you need to fill. Did you throw out old t-shirts that need to be replaced? Is there a lack of dresses or shorts that you need to stock up on? Write a list and go enjoy some much deserved shopping time!

Image: bustle.com

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Did you know that in Australia 6,000 kilos of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes? Shocking isn’t it! We love fashion, but we also love our planet, so it’s important to do what we can to reduce wastage and utilise old clothes for good! Here’s some useful information and links for you to learn more about this topic and what you can do with your old clothes…



  • Lifeline turn linen and cotton garments into rags if their not suitable to wear.
  • Organisations like Dress for Success in Brisbane take donated professional clothes to help empower women to achieve economic independence.
  • Organisations like The Smith Family take donated clothing to sell in op shops to raise funds for disadvantaged children.

There are many other organisations you can donate to that support various causes. A quick google search will show you plenty of options. 

Should I throw any clothes in the rubbish bin?

Clothing only needs to go in the bin if it is a health hazard or completely ripped up and can’t be used even as a rag.

We hope that this information has been useful and that you’ve been inspired to learn more about the war on waste. We can all do our part to reduce waste whilst at the same time, helping people in need.

Do you have any other information or interesting links or facts to share on this topic?

We’d love to see your wardrobe ‘before and after’ pictures. Tag us in your Instagram pics! (@bluebungalow)

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