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Sydney and Melbourne ladies - this one’s for you!

If you’ve been watching the news, and we’re sure you have, you were probably thrilled to learn that you can now meet up with your fellow fully vaccinated friends for an outdoor picnic.

But the devil is in the details and figuring out who you can meet with and where legally is complicated enough to give anyone a headache.

You’ll have to limit your gathering to up to 5 people in NSW and up to 5 people from 2 households in VIC - but hey, that sure beats watching Netflix by yourself on the couch.

And, for now, Sydneysiders have to remain within their Local Government Area (LGA) or stick to 5 kilometres from home, while our Melbourne friends can wander up to 15 kilometres from home


This information is accurate at the time of writing this article, but we will not be updating it so make sure that you check the NSW Government and VIC Government websites for the latest rules and restrictions.  


But you’re obviously not neighbours with all your friends (and if you are well, we’re very jealous). So rather than pulling out your paper map and compass, grab your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and navigate to www.friendshipisland.com.au 

This super-easy-to-use website allows you to indicate your location i.e. your home address by dropping a pin on the interactive map and then doing the same for all the friends that you’d like to picnic with: you should end up with a map with pins representing everyone’s home addresses as well as the respective bubbles in which you’re allowed to travel.

If they overlap, which you’ll be able to see as your bubble areas will be greyed out, well you can do a happy dance as this means that you can now proceed to find a park located within that radius and start planning your meet-up.

Whether you choose to show off your newly acquired cooking skills, plan an alfresco wine tasting or are motivated enough to organise a group workout, the only thing that’s left to do is to figure out what you’re going to wear!

And with more than a year of outfits to catch up on, it’ll be between your beloved floral silk frock and your new fancy linen dress - time to pull out all the stops. Oh, and don’t forget your proof of vaccination and face mask, of course.

Outfit Option # 1

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Outfit Option # 2

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So why not start planning your next outdoor gathering and enjoy your newfound freedom?

Now, let’s hope that you’ll be able to come pay us a visit in Queensland soon - we have lots to catch up on, some shopping to do and many glasses of bubbles to drink!


* These COVID rules are subject to change without notice so make sure to always check the NSW Government and VIC Government websites for the latest rules and restrictions. *



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