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Who would have ever thought that the real competition at Saturday sport would be held between the Mums? Between finding mouth guards, picking up a coffee and searching for a space in the nightmare of weekend parking, we all just want to stroll up to the sideline looking put together, co-ordinated and completely effortless. But if you are going to satisfy your sideline envy of the perfectly dressed, Sahara driving opposition and become the new poster girl for Courtside Casual, you are going to need to tick a few boxes.

1.0  The Arrival

The dream of a convenient, easy to find and stable car park is one that is chased every weekend by supportive mums. We have all seen the one person in their red Honda Jazz trying to jump the curb just so she can park ten metres closer to little Johnny’s playing field. Avoid the embarrassment with a comfy shoe that will make sure you reach the sidelines without getting more blisters than a marathon runner. But if there is any chance of mud, for all that is good in the world, do not wear the white canvas shoe!

2.0  The Weather

We love telling our kids that playing in the rain will “build character” and that “when I used to play for my elite local club we played in rain, hail or shine”. But let’s be honest, Saturday sport weather sucks. It’s freezing when you wake up at 5am to wash the uniform you completely forgot about, so you slip on a cosy sweater to make sure you are toasty warm. But, because it is so cold and there is no chance of you taking the sweater off, you just wear a daggy singlet underneath. Then disaster strikes. Its 11am, the sun is shining and you are sweating up a storm, but there is no way you are prancing around in a singlet older than all your kids combined. So, you suffer in silence. It doesn’t have to be this way, plan ahead and wear a cute tee to prevent premature hot flushes!

3.0  The Team Colours

Imagine this worst case scenario, you arrive at your child’s grand final, there are balloons, streamers and signs everywhere, but you have unknowingly betrayed your child by wearing the opposition’s team colours. Finding out the team colours of your child’s club, school or house team is a key moment in any Mothers life (I always pray for black!). You don’t want to turn up wearing a school branded cap and look too enthusiastic, and if your team colour is teal, finding subtle accessories is a practical impossibility. We recommend adding a coloured scarf to a simple base layer, with the added bonus that it can be strategically positioned to cover the tomato sauce stain from your $2 sausage sizzle.

4.0  The Etiquette

Is it acceptable to correct the ref? Is yelling “crush them” too much? Finding balance between supportive and aggressive can be a struggle but fight your inner demons and keep your comments positive, or at least say the negative ones quietly! Set up the chair that you will barely sit in, sip your overpriced smoothie and remember that we are all here to have fun. Although it must be noted that it is way more fun to be supporting the winning team.

5.0  The Pep Talk

Ah, the sweet moment where your child rolls their eyes, again, at the dramatic retelling of your year seven netball rivalry. The burning desire to remind them to “move forward” or “keep your eye on the ball” is hard to resist, so don’t! But maybe limit your pep talk to five minutes instead of giving them a full, half hour run down on strategy.

6.0  The Favourite Trends

These are our favourite ways to make sure that your fully coordinated, stylish outfits are effortless and look completely unplanned:

Comfy Shoe + Statement Tote = Effortless

Score a style home run

  • Puffers: A puffer will not only warm you up, but it will make you look way more athletic than you are!
  • Drop crotch pant: This slouchy style is on-trend and will let you pace the sideline in absolute comfort
  • The bag: Pick a bag that can handle a little water so that you can drop it on the wet grass without any stress!

Let us know your favourites tips for Saturday sport in the comments or on our social pages


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