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Bamboo fibre underwear is all the rage right now. And before you say “hmm but BB, bamboo undies are not very sexy” let’s get real for a second - when’s the last time you wore a pair of lacy underwear all day?

And if the answer is “yesterday”, was it comfortable? We didn’t think so.

Our team at BB swears by bamboo underwear - let us explain ourselves.

The benefits of Bamboo underwear

Now we didn’t just wake up one day and decide to get rid of all our beautiful and sexy intimates - we’ve just put them on the back burner for everyday wear once we learned about the benefits of bamboo.

Soft & Hypoallergenic

Ok, admittedly this may not be top of mind when shopping for underwear but bamboo fabric is silky smooth against the skin and well, if you’ve ever worn a pair of lace undies all day, you know comfort trumps sexy when it comes to all day wear!

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the perfect fabric for sensitive and delicate areas.

Whether you’re heading out shopping, sitting at a desk for hours or playing with the kids, our bamboo underwear won’t let you down when it comes to comfort and affordability.

Antibacterial & Breathable

The number one reason why doctors tend to recommend natural fibres, such as cotton or bamboo, for undergarments is for their antibacterial and breathable properties.

Let’s be honest, we’re all trying to avoid odours and irritation down there - synthetics fibres are a big no-no as they trap moisture. Bamboo, on the other hand, allows air flow thanks to the micro-gaps in the fabric - pure natural genius.

Quick Drying & Absorbent

Bamboo has moisture-wicking properties and is a very absorbent fabric, making it a great option if you can’t fully trust your bladder to perform at its prime 24/7 or if you’re prone to breaking a sweat..

Combined with its antibacterial properties, choosing bamboo underwear could not only keep you fresh and dry but could also help prevent yeast infections. And who would be opposed to waving goodbye to these guys!


A good pair of underwear can make you feel on top of the world and, at the end of the day, confidence truly is what makes an outfit. So, are you ready to make the switch?


But is bamboo underwear better than cotton?

That’s a big question. But we would argue that it is! 

Not only for its superior moisture-wicking properties but also when it comes to its sustainability. Bamboo is actually an impressively fast growing type of grass that doesn’t need chemicals or much in terms of water or manpower, making it a renewable resource and a great eco-friendly option to consider.

Ready to give Bamboo underwear a try?

If you’re wondering where to buy ladies bamboo underwear in Australia, look no further than Blue Bungalow! We carry a considered range of bamboo & micro modal underwear designed for absolute comfort.

We’ve narrowed the search here to the must-haves:

Sold out


We all need a few pairs of nude underwear to wear under our favourite white linen dresses and kaftans. The Willa Bamboo Full Brief Underwear is high waisted to hold you in and provides full coverage in the back.

Sold out


If you’re looking for the perfect pair of undies for everyday wear, look no further than the Henny Bamboo Bikini Underwear. With a flattering bikini cut that comfortably hugs your curves and showcases your legs, these have overlocked seams which means that they’ll be near-invisible under your favourite fitted pants!


Also comes in nude.

Sold out


Boyleg undies are our go-to for ultimate comfort! Perfect when worn under a floaty garment, while lounging around or to sleep in, the Tessa Boyleg Underwear comes with full coverage and an ultra-stretchy waistband.



Also comes in black and nude.

Sold out


Socks are underwear-ish right? For all the same reasons bamboo works for underwear, it also works for socks. Our best selling bamboo style is the Black Bamboo Three Pack Sockettes. They are also available in white. If you’re looking to build a new bamboo undergarment collection, a great place to start is the Bamboo Body Bamboo Brief Underwear 5 Pack which includes five mid-rise briefs in beautiful shades of Moss Green, Lavender, Rose, White and Oatmeal.

And if you’re still sitting on the fence about making the switch to bamboo, just look at these glowing reviews from fellow BB customers!

“So in love with these, I only bought 4 pairs so I need to purchase more now.” - Jackie


“The most comfy undies I have bought in a very long time” - Lou


“Love the high waist. So soft and smooth to wear. No panty lines showing. I sized up as suggested, also have a pair in black and will be purchasing more.” - Frances


“I only bought one pair to see how they feel and I am so happy with them I will be buying more. They are super soft with great coverage.” - Kylie

BB xx

Review source: Willa Nude Bamboo Brief Underwear

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