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Ladies! Hands up if you've been hiding under the covers in your PJs for days on end. Hands up if you haven't touched a single make up product for weeks. Hands up if your lack of social interaction is driving you to talk to yourself in the mirror. Hands up if your spouse's blinking has become way too loud. 

Well, now is your time to shine. Leave the isolation sorrows behind because we're slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Get your bum off the couch, condition your hair, and ADD SPARKLES! ✨ 

The perfect way to lighten & brighten up is to literally add light to your life. Trust us, it's been scientifically proven (by the BB science buffs) that sparkles can lighten the mood and put a smile on your face. 

Introducing: Ultra fabulous sparkly jumpers for your winter wardrobe! 

embellished jumper

From embellished text, bedazzled stars, intricate trimmings, and sparkly hems, these fabulous jumpers will add the perfect amount of bling to your winter looks without looking like you lost a fight with a glitter bomb. Keep reading to find out how to wear them and what to pair them with!   

Leona Jumper 

leona jumper

Leopard print, stars, AND bedazzles?! We're hooked! The Leona Leopard StarJumper is here to fulfil your wardrobe dreams. What we love most about this jumper is the comfort level. Soft & stretchy, this cotton blend piece is made with a fine knit that is soft on the skin and feels like PJs. Live in a cooler area? The higher neckline means you can layer a long sleeve skivvy under without it awkwardly peeping out of the neckline.    

leona jumper rosina pant

Keep it clean and go tonal with a jumper like this. Let the stars & leopard shine by adding a similar toned bottom. The Rosina KhakiJogger Pants is what we call luxe lounge! It has the comfort perfect for all day couch sitting, but the style and feel of The Real Housewives of "your favourite suburb". Pop on some slim white leather sneakers and you're ready to go!  

Paris Mon Amour Jumper 

Paris Mon Amour indeed! Lovers of Paris, fulfil your thirst of a romantic evening stroll to the Eiffel Tower with the perfectly luxe Paris Mon Amour Jumper. The gold & black sequin text detail gives just the right amount of bling and can help you show off your passion for the city of art, fashion, and love. There's not much more to say, it's just fabulous. 

amour jumper

Dress it up, dress it down... You have options with these jumpers! Still feeling a little lazy or warming up to the idea of putting outside clothes on everyday? Go for a casual lounge look by adding the Heidi Black Cotton Lounge Pant. These pants are shaped like sweatpants but have a ponte-like feel to them. It's the go-to fancy sweatpant for an effortless yet polished look. Finish it off with the no-brainer Lite Black Sneaker and you'll be ready for activities from grocery shopping to chasing the kids around the backyard. 

Amour Jumper 

amour jumper

Mon Amour, you need this jumper! Similar to the previous style, theAmour Jumper adds a little bling to your winter wardrobe. What's the difference? Choose this style if you prefer a round neckline over a higher neckline. Plus, the slight curved hem is super flattering on the mid-section. 

mustard amour jumper

Choose from Black, Grey or Mustard and keep it casual by adding the Katika Dark Denim Zip Front Jean! This 10-second outfit can't get easier. Finish it off with the trendy Emerson White Leather Sneaker for the perfect everyday winter style. Feeling cool? Simply add a black cardigan for an easy extra layer.

Embellished Poncho 

What's so great about ponchos? It is literally the comfort food of clothing. Feeling a bit down? Put on a poncho and you get a big warm hug to cheer you up! The Embellished Poncho is a one-up on the regular poncho because it is simply GORGEOUS. Featuring a beddazled hem & beautiful textured feel all over, this piece will make you feel like the fanciest little red riding hood out there. 

Don't think, just wear! When it comes to styling the poncho, there isn't much you need to think about at all. They are the best throw on and go piece you can layer over anything. No need to worry about sleeves, just throw it on. Keep it equally comfy at the bottom with our ultra stretchy and dance-ready Reed Stretch Cotton Pants. Click HERE to see a video on how amazingly comfortable these pants are, featuring the fantastic Stace Mcgregs! Finally, pop on the no-brainer Black Turin Canvas Shoes and voila!   

Chiara Top 

chiara top

Not so much of a 'bling' person? Let's get you started on something a little more subtle. The Chiara Long Sleeve Top features just the tiniest bit of bling on the rolled neckline! Made in beautiful Cotton, this comfy top is so soft and will give you an understated luxe lounge look.  

chiara grey top

Try a blue & grey tonal look this winter by adding the cosy little Cleo BlueCardigan! The shawl-styled sleeves are perfect for layering over a long sleeve top. Say goodbye to long sleeves getting all squashed up under tight jacket sleeves. Add a trusty pair of Katika Jeans and the simple Aya White Sneaker for the perfect weekend look!

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