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Women seem to live life with a never ending to-do list, and it becomes so easy to fall into a repetitious cycle of school drop offs, meetings and errands all screaming for your attention. Throw in some rainy days and we quickly become as gloomy as the weather, but it is time to take back your good mood five minutes at a time! Use these tips to brighten up your day and escape the Groundhog Day cycle:

1. Colour Me Happy

In the cooler months our wardrobes become dominated by blacks and greys, with a navy top thrown in for variety. Break the pattern with a burst of colour that will do wonders for your outfit and mood! Here’s a quick break down of the colours you need and how they can help improve your: 

Revitalize with Red

Soothe with Forest Green

Energy: If you find yourself dragging from fatigue and feeling unmotivated, throw on some red! A bright top, gorgeous scarf or red lip will make sure you can take on the day feeling revitalised! Why not add a leopard print to your outfit for a touch of playfulness?

Positivity: If you want to take on the day with happiness and an upbeat attitude, add a dash of yellow or bright green. This vibrant tone is perfect for a scarf or unique clutch.

Enthusiasm: Encourage your playful and social characteristics by using orange in your styling. This gorgeous colour will have you bouncing around and has even been shown to improve the oxygen supply levels.

Relax: To fight anxiety or stress wear a soothing blue or forest green tone. These colours will help balance out your emotions and let you stroll through your day with total confidence

2. Music For Your Mood

Studies show that listening to upbeat music can boost your mood and can even increase dopamine levels. If your craving some throwback tunes try the spotify 80’s Roller skating playlist or for the newest upbeat hits listen to Morning Motivation and let the music transform your attitude.

3. An App a Day

A super easy way to manage your mood is to take a quick moment to reflect and rewind. Start using a mindfulness app. These apps use guided meditation and self-reflection to ease stress and improve your sleep. The best part? They are designed to take only five minutes out of your day! Our top pick is Headspace, try the basic version for free and if it works for you, upgrade to the premium version for only $7.99 per month.

4. Move It

Whether you have 5, 15 or 30 minutes, fitting in a quick burst of exercise is the best way to get your day moving! Exercising sends endorphins to the brain that will boost your mood, and bonus points if you can do it outdoors and make the most of that vitamin D! Here are our top picks for squeezing in a quick, energising burst of movement:

Get Moving Today

  • POP Pilates: Cassy Ho has created dozens of quick challenges that only take one song to complete! Jump onto her YouTube page and complete 5 minute challenges to the motivating sounds of artists like Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato and Justin Beiber!
  • Walk it out: Whenever you can, park just one block away from school, work or the coffee shop and spend five minutes taking in the sunshine and getting those endorphins moving.
  • Change it up: Next time you are in front of the TV, use the ad break to quickly do a few squats or star jumps to get your blood pumping!

5. Take a Moment

It is easy to get so caught up in fixing everyone else’s problems, and we often forget to leave any time for ourselves. We need to remember that its okay to be a little selfish every now and again, so make sure you take five minutes to do something that is just for you. Some of our favourite ways to unwind are:

Relax and Rewind

  • Indulge your senses – Certain scents have been shown to boost moods and help you de-stress, so at the end of the day take a moment to light a candle and smell the roses. To soothe anxiety, try lavender or sandalwood and if your looking for an energising scent use a jasmine or peppermint candle.
  • Express creativity – Don’t forget to make time once or twice a week to do something that is purely for you. Whether its exploring pinterest, taking photos of the sunset or scrap booking, set aside a little time for your passion projects.
  • Treat yourself – Whether it’s a bunch of flowers, a glass of wine with dinner or five minutes of relaxing with a cup of tea, remember that its okay to put your self first sometimes!

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