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We have been following the colourful life of Stacey McGregor (@stace_mcgregs) on Instagram for a while now and were lucky to have her in at HQ for a photo shoot and catch up this week. She is a total sweetheart who exudes happiness and sunshine. Keep reading to learn more about this body positive role model who inspires her loyal followers everyday to dress beautifully, smile always and practice self love.  We’ve learned how to put your hands in your pockets correctly (yes, that’sthing) and to always pick up a ‘wild card’ when shopping. 

For those who aren’t already following your style journey on Instagram.. Give us a low down of who you are and what you are all about.

I’m a 30 something, curve model, fashion blogger and belly laugher who spends her time taking photos of her outfits in front of bright walls in Brisbane, and spends her future house deposit on smashed avocado for brunch.  I’m also an aspiring comedian, so you’ll find I don’t take myself too seriously, and my posts are generally fun and pun-filled.   On a serious note I am passionate about helping women feel confident in their own skin, whether that’s through my volunteer work at Dress for Success or providing style inspiration for women on Instagram.

What advice can you give women on dressing for their shape?

Wear what you love and what you feel confident in.  Don’t get hung up on the number on the tag.  Sometimes its best to go up a size to get an item to drape nicely, if the number bothers you so much, cut the tag off.  Follow fashion bloggers on Instagram or Facebook for style inspo, I love seeing clothes on everyday women, particularly when I’m buying online.    My favourite tip when in store shopping – I always tell my clients I’m styling to take one wild card piece to the change room with them – whether its a different trend, colour or style that they normally wouldn’t go for, try it on for fun, you’d be surprised at how often the wild card pieces end up being the take home piece. 

Curve Petrol Batwing Dress ($59.95)

Has there ever been a time where you’ve doubted yourself or your body? How did you overcome this?

Everyday.  Particularly the night before a photoshoot, I  spend a few minutes thinking ‘hmmm I probably should have gone to the gym a bit more or maybe I should have had a few more salads’, but then I remember… Hey the client booked a curve model, no one is expecting a size 8, heck, if they are, they should have gone to spec savers. I also surround myself with positive people, who speak kindly about others, themselves and their bodies.  

What is your must-have clothing item for Summer?

A great kaftan you can throw over your swimsuit that can go from pool to bar when you are on holidays.  Also, a light denim jacket – they are timeless and classic, always look good, and are the perfect trans-seasonal piece. 

Mustard Floral Cold Shoulder Kaftan ($69.95)

How did you get involved with fashion blogging?

Through my volunteer work at Dress for Success.  I was styling women who were disadvantaged to help them back in to the workforce, and  had met some fashion bloggers and at a fundraising brunch I spoke at. That’s when I learnt there was a whole community of people who take photos of their outfits everyday – how crazy…. yet intriguing, now I’m one of them.  Funnily enough, it was at another charity fundraiser where I was the guest speaker, someone approached me to ask if I modelled (which I didn’t at the time), and if I’d consider coming in for a test shoot, and that’s how my modelling career started. 

Talk us through a typical day in your life….

 If it’s the weekend, I pray for a wee sleep in, but invariably Rex, my Staffy x Sausage dog, will wake me for his breakfast.   My partner and I will go out for brunch, I’ll pick a cafe that’s is strategically close to a bright colourful wall, and after brunch, I’ll hoodwink him into take photo of my outfit.   We’d either take Rex to the dog beach, or catch up with friends.  In the evenings I’m usually multitasking on my phone managing my Instagram and replying to emails whilst watching Netflix or really bad reality TV (Hello Love Island anyone??) 


What is the most life changing piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Carpe Diem (seize the day). My parents wrote this in every birthday and Christmas card since I could read.  This has lead me to make some really great yet impromptu decisions in my life. 

What are your tips for taking a photo that connects with and engages your followers?

Go through your reel of shots – sometimes it’s the imperfect shot that will make you laugh which will be the most engaging to a community.   I love to post the shot where I’m being whipped in the face by a piece of hair, or I’m mid laugh, etc.   Sometimes people don’t want to see picture perfect all the time.  One of my most engaging photos was taken on a Monday morning, I didn’t have time to either dry my hair or put make up on, so I took my outfit photo with dripping wet hair and told my community, this is my reality when I hit snooze too many times on a Monday morning, and people related it.  

What are some things you have learned in the curve modelling/blogging industry?

I’ve learnt that comparison is the thief of Joy, don’t compare yourself to what others are doing.  If you’re modelling a dress with pockets, always have your thumb poking out, otherwise it looks like you have no hands. A spray tan can make you look a feel like a million dollars.

How do you feel about terms like ‘curvy’ and ‘plus size’? 
I prefer the term curve modelling over plus size modelling, however maybe one day we’ll just all be considered ‘models’.


What is your final piece of advice for other people wanting to give fashion blogging a ‘go’?

 ‘Just do you’, everyone within the fashion blogging community has something to offer or something unique, find what is that is ‘you’ and go for it.  Be consistent, engage with your community, and have fun with it.  

Stacey’s Favourite New Dresses

Shop: Veneto Crinkle Cotton Dress ($119.00) + Blush Side Tie Draped Dress ($69.95)

What do you think about seeing a variety of sized models wearing our fuller figure clothing range?



  • Blue Bungalow

    Hi Shirley! Thanks for the feedback, we love shooting our clothes on gorgeous girls like Stacey. Confidence is definitely key and we are so happy that you love our styles x BB team

  • Shirley Curtis

    I doo love to see women like Stacey who I call More to love models modelling gorgeous clothes. I have always been told I wear my clothes with confidence no matter what I paid for them and I get asked all the time where I buy my clothes. I now proudly can say Blue Bungalow. I will shortly be 70 but they still suit me. If you want some pics of me in your clothes feel free to ask….yay for the pensioners

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