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Hello ladies, welcome to the BB gold mine! This is where we will be sharing all the invaluable advice shared by BB stylists; from how to dress for your body shape to how to wear your favourite ruched skirt, we trust you will find the information that you’re looking for here.

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BBIC Live: "Help! What do I wear... to an award dinner in Auckland!"

Here is a link to this week's video: https://fb.watch/7BdpAGMh1_/

Leisa has on a new top today which she has paired back with our maxi bamboo skirt. Very flattering, this skirt sizes from a small to medium, to an XL to a XXL. So this is your core wardrobe option but what she loves about it is that she’s just paired it with the Parker Sequin Top. This top has a stretchy layer underneath with a sequined panel and it is just this nice little soft silk layer that sits over the top. So comfy.

And you might be thinking, “I could not wear that in New Zealand at the moment, it’s 13 degrees”. Well, we have our beautiful travel wrap as an option. So this is a bamboo wrap, it even has a hint of cashmere, and you can just drape it over your shoulders; it will waterfall and get us indoors until we are into our regular heating. This is just a great little option to go from day to night and Leisa loves doing a bit of navy, because navy is probably a little bit friendlier as we come into the warmer season.

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Why has Leisa chosen two separates instead of a full dress?

Because you can do mix and matches. You could easily wear the top through summer with a nice skinny white pant, a navy pant or a jean. Pair it with a nice tan heel and you’re good to go. And then our core piece, the bamboo maxi skirt - very flattering on any body. When you have that nice drapey top, it just works.

And, always - pair it with cute signature earrings.

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