It’s school holidays here in Queensland, which mean it’s time to take a much needed break. If you’re heading away, we’ve compiled a little checklist and outfit ideas to help you pack!

  • Day outfit
  • Night outfit
  • By the pool outfits
  • Travel outfits (pants)
  • Travel bag (which can be used as a beach/day bag)
  • Sarong
  • Pouch to keep your hotel keys and some cards
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries Bag

Day outfits holiday checklist

These outfits are perfect for daytime activities. The first option has sleeve to cover up your arms to keep you from getting burnt. When you’re out and about sandals or converse can be paired with this outfit, as it allows you to walk around comfortably. You may need a bag during day trips to keep your belongings safe, a beach bag if you plan on keeping your swimming gear in there or just a small cross over bag if you’re just popping out for lunch are both suitable.

Versatile Outfits
If you’re only heading away for a few days and you want to pack lightly these outfit are the way to go, as they can be changed with some accessories for the right occasion.
This outfit can be used as a day outfit or by the pool. These dress are loose and flowy, perfect for going over your togs by the beach. If you heading out to lunch it can be used as a day outfit. If it’s super hot, these dresses are lightweight and breathable, which is why you may opt for this option oppose to the day outfit as suggested in the day outfit category.
Travelling options

Pant options are perfect for traveling to and from the location. It’s easy to move around, we’ve suggested these loose pants which will be comfortable when sitting on the plane. Keep the sarong in your carry on bag as you can wrap this around your shoulder, if it’s a bit chilly on the plane. Depending on whether you’re travelling lightly or not, your carry on bag may also double as your day bag for the holiday.
These outfits are more resort night wear. If you’re heading to a conference or a fancy dinner party, the modal option allows you look more dressed up. Wedges or heels dress any outfit up!
We’ve put together some must need accessories for your travels. You want accessories that are versatile. A sarong that can double as a scarf if its chilly. The jewellery you take away, make sure it goes with most of your outfits, you don’t want to be packing a bunch of different jewellery. If you’re bringing two different bag, make sure the second bag is foldable and can fit easily into your luggage. Packing hats are hard, however if you find hats that are packable and crushable they can be packed into your suitcase without the shape being ruined.